Lose Anxiety

All your life you have believed that you were born into this world and have to conquer everything around you. You have to work hard to become successful and highly regarded by all those around you. The more qualifications and visible skills you acquire, the career you forge, the more money you make, the better house and car you have all form a part of who you are no how you are judged.

As this structure breaks down and many people are suffering from anxiety and depression, others are turning to an alternative way both through choice and necessity.

You weren’t born into this world, you were born out of it. You don’t have to conquer everything in this world, you need to yield to it. You need to broaden your perspective with this understanding so that your resolve and discipline lead you to understand that you are a part of everything in this universe and your mindfulness is your responsibility to care for it. Ownership of anything or anyone is an illusion, in a mindful state we don’t try to possess or waste anything or anyone.

Our culture has driven us into ego, possession and ownership, we now need to reverse that into an ego less sharing and frugality. To care for everyone and everything, to yield to our humanity, and environment and listen to the unspoken words of everything around us.

We need to stop being a contagious virus on this world and become supporting, nurturing and healing gods, using our self awareness and intelligence to heal and support humanity, caring for each other and our planet.

One thought on “Lose Anxiety

  1. Hi Steve, don’t know if you pickup replies but I’ve got to tell you something. Many years ago you wrote an article in either combat or traditional karate probably mix eighties and you mentioned a couple of books you were reading at that time, one was on the crusades and the other was the prophet by Kahil Gilbran. The prophet has been a companion since and it made a big change to my thinking. Thank you for sharing



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