Like Waves On The Sea

You’re born out of this world – not into it; An important difference, Like waves are born out of the sea, They are still the sea, Made up from it, Still joined to it, And return to it. So we are born out of this world, Are still a part of it, Made up from it, Nourished by it, Still joined to it, And return to it. We are truly ‘at one with the universe’; Whether we know it or not; When we ‘know’ it – life is easier, We are like we are, Because everything is as it is; … Continue reading Like Waves On The Sea

The Dark Side Of Pain

  Pain eats your soul. You want to move but you can’t. Life is out there waiting, Calling you to come out and play, People to see, places to be, Exciting, active and fun… The spirit is willing, but the body is tired, Every move jars the soul, Pain screams around the joints, They give way and are unstable, Medication has a price that is just as bad. Everybody assumes you will fully repair, That is the confidence of youth. You end up joining the pretence, Because it’s easier than trying to explain. In the end life can only get … Continue reading The Dark Side Of Pain

Cognitive Dissonance In The Martial Arts

I posted recently on Facebook about Firemen who rescued some piglets from a fire and how the grateful farmer then slaughtered them and rewarded the firemen with sausages made from their carcasses. As a meditation I suggested that if that made the readers uncomfortable it might be because they were experiencing ‘cognitive dissonance’ because they might hold two opposing views about the piglets, one because they are cute and cuddly and the other because they like them as food. This then made me think that it might be a good idea to draw some of my teachings together under this … Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance In The Martial Arts

Keep Your Child Safe!

VERY IMPORTANT! This is the time of the year that children are going up a school, from Infants to Junior and importantly from Junior to Senior and Senior to University. Parents in their infinite wisdom decide that their children will have more homework and often drop their martial arts training and teenagers going to university often move away from the area of their club and don’t bother to find a new one. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE! Why? The children going from Junior to Senior school will need to move up in their martial arts club to the adult training; … Continue reading Keep Your Child Safe!

I Can Beat The Buddha In A Fight!

Coming round here with all your bloody wisdom, what good’s that gonna do you in a fight eh? The 4 Noble Truths…. ain’t gonna help you in the pavement arena – when I’m banging your head on it! And as for you Jesus with all your parables, I’ll just kick you in ’em and even if you do come back from the dead I’ll bloody well do it again! There is only one type of martial arts and I’m it! I’m tougher and harder that all of you! If you don’t let me beat you up in class to show … Continue reading I Can Beat The Buddha In A Fight!