Tai Chi Is A Martial Art

Yang style Tai Chi is a ‘standard’ form of Chinese Kung Fu. It is a distillation of other arts and the techniques and principles are clearly recognisable in both Chinese and Japanese arts. Every hand shape in the gold standard Yang Chen Fu form and the internal mechanisms that work them can be found in a good version of Tensho (Rokkishu) kata that also has its origins in White Crane Kung Fu. Every technique in the form can be effectively used through the ‘gates’ of the arms generally can be applied in locking, throwing, blocking, striking, strangling, choking, cavity pressing, … Continue reading Tai Chi Is A Martial Art

Shamanism In Tai Chi

Shamanism in Tai Chi. We focus mainly on the snake, crane and tiger, these 3 animals are within every technique in a variety of ways. Snake is bound to the earth, our primalenergies and reptilian brain. It represents our qi energy, the way we move against the earth, the way we ‘coil’ bonelessly in movement, wrap around the opponent and escape grips and holds. It also represents the ‘spit’ and venom of a sudden attack. Tiger represents our mammalian energies, our powerful intention, qi projection, bone, tendon and muscular power, our structural integrity in framing our body, tearing techniques and … Continue reading Shamanism In Tai Chi

The Expectation Of Happiness

The expectation is often that people with depression aspire to be happy.Not always true.People with depression often see happy people as more depressed than them.Why?Because they see them as running away from reality.They can often see the darkness behind the smile because they know it’s name.People with depression need to balance and manage their emotions.Not mask them.They don’t always want to talk about their feelings, often those that want to help are the wrong ones to turn to.Because they haven’t been to those dark places, where ‘no life’ is a better option than ‘life’.They have to get to a place … Continue reading The Expectation Of Happiness

Why I Choose A Dojo v Gym

Why I choose a Dojo over a Gym. A Dojo is a community of mutual support. Respect and dignity are paramount. We learn how to discipline the mind, develop emotional intelligence, relate to each other and develop a vigorous health that’s fit for purpose as opposed to vanity. Martial Art training is a fun way to learn these skills rather than the ‘punishment’ we tend give to ourselves in a gym for not matching media expectation. They can be practiced anywhere without the need of expensive equipment. Classes are not random, grades and syllabus are specific so we always know … Continue reading Why I Choose A Dojo v Gym

Psychic Vampires…

Some people are like vampire spiders sitting in the middle of their web of misery waiting to capture any unwilling victims. They will manipulate situations and conversations that will trap you into their miserable unhappy life and you’re caught before you realise it. The first defence is to realise that they are out there, darkening a room when they enter and sucking the life out of it, the second is to develop your ‘spidey senses’ so that you don’t unwittingly walk into their web. They hate happy, well balanced people and environments and will do their utmost to to destroy … Continue reading Psychic Vampires…

Is The Purpose Of Life To Be Happy?

Is the purpose if life to be happy? It seems to me that the ‘successful’ people thrusting their ‘happiness’ in our face on every social media media platform every day are actually the opposite, behind their masks (and I know plenty of them) they are deeply troubled and flawed people. They are using that facade to sell ‘happiness on a stick’ to other deeply troubled and flawed people. They think that attention, fame and wealth will create the contentment they seek and their customers are forever chasing the tail of happiness that is just disappearing around the corner in front … Continue reading Is The Purpose Of Life To Be Happy?

Dealing With Toxic People

Do you feel guilty when others around you are soaked in misery? Don’t. Because if they are genuinely suffering, empathy requires a soft front and a strong back to help, you suffering along with them out of guilt doesn’t help. There are also manipulative people who use and exaggerate their own suffering, sometimes even unwittingly, because they can see it makes you feel guilty and they either want to control you or just enjoy making you miserable as well. If you are an empathic person this is really difficult, these people might be at work, family or friends, it’s all … Continue reading Dealing With Toxic People

2024 Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme

No Previous Experience Necessary.This one day a month for 10 months programme will be taught personally by Steve Rowe 9th Dan and his team of assistants, Steve is an internationally renowned Tai Chi teacher, Chairman and founder of Shi Kon Martial Arts International. The programme has been running for 6 years and has qualified over a 100 coaches, it is designed to certificate and give Tai Chi Students the ability to teach Tai Chi and run and administer a club to a basic level standard. Participants will be registered with Shi Kon Martial Arts International Association and the British Council … Continue reading 2024 Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme