Okimitsu Fuji

This is Okimitsu Fuji’s hand written history and the photos he gave me at the time, must have been in the 1980’s. I used to have private lessons with him every Tuesday morning for many years, I’d go to his house and wake him up, we’d go to the Irishman’s club in Dartford where he’d give me a private lesson. We became good friends and he was a good Japanese cook so he would cook for me and my family. My daughter Caroline would call him ‘Uncle Oki’ and I also took Toru Takamizawa and his wife to his house … Continue reading Okimitsu Fuji

What Did The Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme Participants Think?

From Dill Young – Karate Instructor I was introduced to Steve Rowe many years ago through the pages of Combat and Traditional Karate magazines. His insights and subject matter always interested me and stood out from the crowd. I finally got to meet and train under him on his regular summer school during the mid to late 90’s in Chatham. Over the years I have had the pleasure of studying with him on and off as I pursued my Karate career to the present day, training in most of the major systems including trips to Okinawa. I only had a … Continue reading What Did The Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme Participants Think?


I’ve started compiling my old interviews and have listed them here: Interviews & People Steve Arneil Kyokushinkai Legend Wado Ryu Training In The ’60’s Toru Takamizawa Julian Dale – Eagle Claw Dave Rubens – Aikido and Security Yoshinobu Ohta Interview 2003 Mick Randall MBE Interview 2003 Mick Billman Interview 2003 Mick Gooch Interview 2003 Peter Spanton Interview 2003 Dave Hazard Interview 2003 Dave Courtney Interview 2010 Doug James Interview 2003 Jim Uglow Interview 2001 – Chap Sau Ray Fuller Interview 2003 Mick Nursey Interview 2003 Talks With Dennis Jones Giri Dennis Jones Interview Continue reading Interviews


  Written in January 2004….. It was a year ago that we last interviewed Dennis – and in Bob Sykes words “2003 has been the Dennis Jones year”.  Writing the “Samurai on the Door” columns and working on a book with him has helped me to understand what makes him tick a little bit better.  I think the most surprising quality about Dennis is his quiet manner.  You only get to know anything about him in bits and pieces over a period of time and need a lot of perseverance and patience to get the whole picture.   Dennis is … Continue reading DENNIS JONES 5th Dan

Iaido – The Cutting Edge

  Tribute to Fuji Okimitsu 1939 – 2017 Iaido came to England by various routes and mention should be made here of Fuji Okimitsu (Jikiden style) who was born in 1939 in Saga Prefecture which is the old province of Hizen, a mecca of Martial Arts, famous for the Hagakure (Samurai spirit), he started training at the age of 7yrs playing Shinai Kyogi wearing white trousers, T shirt and rubber shoes using Fukuro Shinai (bamboo sword split into 16 canes and covered with a canvas bag) as the Martial Arts were banned by the American GHQ. Fuji Sensei was my … Continue reading Iaido – The Cutting Edge


  Steve Rowe talks with Doorman and Martial Artist Dennis Jones…   Giri:  a debt of gratitude, duty, justice, obligation, a sense of honour   SR  Dennis, we were discussing the concept of “Giri”  within the book  “Hagakure” by Yanamoto Tsunetomo and the following story…..   “Among Takeda Shingen’s retainers there were men of matchless courage, but when Katsuyori was killed in the fight at Tenmokuzan, they all fled.  Tsuchiya Sozo, a warrior who had been in disfavour for many years , came out alone, however, and said, “I wonder where all the men are who spoke so bravely every … Continue reading Giri

Mick Nursey Interview 2003

This interview was conducted in September 2003… I didn’t really know Mike Nursey until recently.  I’d heard his name over the years and when he came directly into the English Karate Governing Body from FEKO he attended the Council meetings and was elected on to the Technical and Executive Committees.  Mike has always been the voice of reason.  He represents the voice of the majority and clearly has the interests of English Karate at heart. At the first Management Board meeting it was clear that he wasn’t duplicitous and in computer speak was WYSIWYG (what you see is what you … Continue reading Mick Nursey Interview 2003

Ray Fuller Interview 2003

This Interview took place in 2003 Ray Fuller was there at the beginning.  He was one of the very first Karateka in England, starting with Vernon Bell in the famous Horseshoe pub in Clerkenwell in 1964 with Mick Randall (now MBE).  Ray was there for the founding of the KUGB and in 1975 formed Thames Karate, which is still a member of the English Karate Governing Body today. Ray has without a doubt led an eventful life.  Well known as a spirited Karateka and for his uncompromising attitude to traditional Shotokan Karate, Ray has headed one of the largest groups … Continue reading Ray Fuller Interview 2003

Jim Uglow Interview 2001 – Chap Sau

This Interview was conducted around 2001 In all old mystical systems there is the hidden art of “direct transmission”.  This is often alluded to – but in most cases never revealed. Many modern so called “masters” often deride it as “hocus pocus” but on investigation never studied under a genuine master or if they did, didn’t stay long enough or possess the necessary talents to receive the “family” transmissions. The thing is, you only have to look a some masters to see that they possess that certain kind of “magic”, not only in their Martial Arts movements but in everything … Continue reading Jim Uglow Interview 2001 – Chap Sau

Doug James Interview 2003

This interview was conducted in April 2003 I have known Doug for around 20 yrs from the days we were both in TERA Karate Kai and shared some lessons with the late Toru Takamizawa. It has been a pleasure to watch the quiet and dedicated Doug grow from strength to strength.  He is a prime example of how dedication to the Art of Karate coupled with resolve can positively affect your life and that of those around you. From the small beginnings at Middlesbrough Budokan Karate Club in 1967, Doug has risen to be a World Class Referee and Kata … Continue reading Doug James Interview 2003