Shedding Skins

Shedding skins

As you train, meditate and grow, it’s inevitable that you will leave some family and friends behind. When you don’t fulfil their expectations and they don’t get what they want from you, they can become bitter, disappointed and accuse you of changing, if they aren’t big enough to accommodate the ‘new you’ a parting of the ways is inevitable.

You will reach a point that the relationship becomes toxic for both of you and no reasonable compromise can be reached, don’t be afraid to let go because it’s best for all concerned, sometimes we have to shed our old skins to move forward.

I see some people struggling to move forward and are hindered by a toxic relationship where both parties continue to hurt each other because neither side knows how to let go.

‘Family comes first’ is fine if you are all caring for each other and helping each other to grow, but sometimes you have to break free of toxicity and be prepared to stand alone for as long as it takes to develop your circle of supportive friends and build a new ‘soul family’ of people on a similar journey.

Family culture is deeply embedded because we are indoctrinated from birth and take a lot of views and perceptions on subliminally so in meditation we have to find the deep ‘cult’ of family culture and review it. I call these ‘blind assumptions’, views we don’t even know we have because they’ve always been there. If they are good and acceptable, there is no problem, but if they are toxic they need to be reviewed and shed.

We need that soft front and strong back, to meet family and friends with patience, kindness and compassion but to also be able to stand up to toxicity and have the resolve, courage and determination to shed it when necessary.

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