The Sky Weeps To The Earth

This morning’s neigong: The sky weeps to the earth; And earth yields in empathy; The tears soften and nourish the earth; Which in turn nourishes everything attached to it. Empathy is to yield and receive first; To use the intelligence of our soul to understand; To receive, with an open spirit; And then to nourish the situation in a helpful way. Just as the earth softens to the tears of the sky; Humanity should soften towards any situation first; Join with it to understand it; Then bring it to a state of harmony. For this we need a soft front … Continue reading The Sky Weeps To The Earth

Tai Chi Is About Depth

This morning’s neigong: Tai Chi is all about depth; It’s an iceberg rather than a mountain; Not how much you know; But how deeply you can experience. Buddha means ‘one who is awake’; Living fully in the present; Experiencing life in all it’s richness; We have a body and senses for just that purpose. It is at is, right now in this moment; The pressure of moist summer air on the skin; Invigorating the internal system from the lungs; Tasted on the tongue, smelled in the nose; The sweet fragrant mix of roses and jasmine. The softness of yin; On … Continue reading Tai Chi Is About Depth

The Yin Yang Transitions

This Morning’s Neigong: The late summer slightly damp wooded ‘scent’ in the air; When in yin it feels like the front of the body and the inside of the limbs are in the shade; When in yang it feels like the back and outside of the limbs are in the sun. In neigong we hold to feel and then gently transition to feel the intention change; In the form we feel the spiralling action of the transitions; The softness of the embrace at the front; The power of the spine at the back; How life needs the transitions; From the … Continue reading The Yin Yang Transitions

Lose Yourself

This morning’s neigong: The self doesn’t want to die; But if you wait long enough it will; It will use fear and anxiety; Distraction and apathy; Anything to prevent truth. But the truth is that it is an illusion; There is no self; When you wait long enough; It falls away; The veil of illusion drops. The universe is joined up; There is no separation; All eyes have the same energy looking out; When you realise this; You will never feel lonely or isolated again. Continue reading Lose Yourself

Nature’s Way

  This morning’s neigong: Don’t look for it…. It cannot be seen; Don’t try to find that deep state: Don’t think, instead just be present. Feelings don’t require words; Let them come and go; Just watch whatever comes; Thoughts, feelings – nothing stays. Let go, let go, let go… Just ‘be’; Be yin, be yang, be neutral; Be totally in the present. Nature’s wordless speech; Can be experienced in this state; On this late summer overcast day; Natures freshness has begun turning in on itself. Soon enough it will hibernate to heal; The earth, wind, rain and sun nourish us … Continue reading Nature’s Way