Tai Chi And Driving Your Car

  Tai Chi is one thing, you just ‘do’ it. Students often remark that on one hand we say this, but then we give them a list of things to remember when ‘doing it’ and they end up getting stressed trying to do all these things at once. A list might be: Stand straight and raise the crown of the head. Put the tongue to the top palette. Spiral the feet to the floor. Release the ankles, knees and hips. Release and lengthen the spine. Sink the chest. Open the lower back. Move and breathe from the Dantien. Flex the … Continue reading Tai Chi And Driving Your Car

Sanchin – Harmonising Mind, Body & Breath

  Sanchin (Saamchin) = The resolution of the conflict between mind, body & breath. Sanchin is the internal training, the neigong and qigong of the Martial Arts.  It links the different level of breathing exercises to the different levels of physical co-ordination and mental awareness, sensitivity and intensity.  It exercises the internal connection from feet to hands and methods of utilising the spine and core for power. Many Karateka use it for a more external ‘dynamic tension’ and forced valsavic style breathing, not realising that there’s far more power using it for it’s original purpose in deep internal training. Without … Continue reading Sanchin – Harmonising Mind, Body & Breath

Pain In The Martial Arts

  “Sifu/Sensei, why don’t pressure points and locks work on you? Don’t you feel pain?” The fact is that they hurt me just as much as they hurt you. The difference is that I choose not to yield to the pain. Pain and your reaction to it tells me a lot about you. The world is full of mentally weak people. The moment they get any discomfort they want to give up, run to their Mummy and want it kissed better and have a Mickey Mouse plaster put on it – and Im talking adults of all ages here. There … Continue reading Pain In The Martial Arts