A Golden Cage Is Still A Cage

A Golden cage is still a cage… If you are an adult, And someone else tells you what you can and can’t do, What you can and can’t wear, Where you can go and who with, You are a prisoner. If you have to ask their ‘permission’ to do anything, When I hear ‘I’d love to go/do/wear that, but my wife/husband/partner won’t let me’, Or ‘I’ll have to ask the ‘boss’, All I hear is ‘I am a prisoner and am too scared to free myself’. There are no bars on their cage and yet their fear is their prison. … Continue reading A Golden Cage Is Still A Cage

The Softest Touch

  I am a ghost, a wraith; Passing through life with the softest touch. I own nothing and no-one; Anything bought belongs to the Earth; And any person loved is completely free. I am only here to learn; I stand on the line between life and death; Free to love, cherish and enjoy; To embrace pain and suffering; To understand how one creates the other. By not blundering, not ‘forcing’; But stepping back and yielding; Only using the softest guiding hand; To bring imbalance back to the Tao. Stiffness, clumsiness and ego; Trying to prevent or force intention; Only bring … Continue reading The Softest Touch

Fighting Yourself

  In the Martial Arts we often talk about how ‘the biggest opponent we have to fight is the one inside of ourselves’ and that ‘when performing solo moves we must have an opponent in mind’ although I think the statements are self evident  I would like to put the two together and give it a bit of perspective. We are most likely to die of ill health. A good part of our health is our sanity and happiness, so emotional intelligence is an essential part or our daily training routine. We know how to do this through meditation and … Continue reading Fighting Yourself