The Softest Touch

steve pray


I am a ghost, a wraith;
Passing through life with the softest touch.
I own nothing and no-one;
Anything bought belongs to the Earth;
And any person loved is completely free.

I am only here to learn;
I stand on the line between life and death;
Free to love, cherish and enjoy;
To embrace pain and suffering;
To understand how one creates the other.

By not blundering, not ‘forcing’;
But stepping back and yielding;
Only using the softest guiding hand;
To bring imbalance back to the Tao.

Stiffness, clumsiness and ego;
Trying to prevent or force intention;
Only bring pain and suffering;
Better to use wisdom and softness;
Understand and gently guide.

By not owning or possessing;
But giving and gently blending and guiding;
We harmonise with life;
And bring peace to ourselves;
To those around us and the world.

By Steve Rowe

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