I’m Fine ….

I’m fine.We all say it.When others ask how we are.When their burden is bigger than ours.When we know they will only worry.When we know they’ll nag if we tell them.When we know they’re only being polite in asking.When we can’t be arsed to explain.When we need privacy.When we know they won’t understand.When we’re too embarrassed to explain.We all say it.……I’m fine. Continue reading I’m Fine ….

Tai Chi Is About Depth

This morning’s neigong: Tai Chi is all about depth; It’s an iceberg rather than a mountain; Not how much you know; But how deeply you can experience. Buddha means ‘one who is awake’; Living fully in the present; Experiencing life in all it’s richness; We have a body and senses for just that purpose. It is at is, right now in this moment; The pressure of moist summer air on the skin; Invigorating the internal system from the lungs; Tasted on the tongue, smelled in the nose; The sweet fragrant mix of roses and jasmine. The softness of yin; On … Continue reading Tai Chi Is About Depth

Inside Out

How do you want people to treat you? Then treat them the same way. You want respect? Then give it and earn it. You want people to see you as a good martial artist? Then work hard and become one. You want respect as a martial arts coach? Then act like one. You want to be treated as an adult? Then behave like one. You want the coach to teach you well? Then be a good student. I study people and most can’t see the obvious. They complain about their treatment, That they’re not treated with respect, That they’re not … Continue reading Inside Out

I See You

I see you…. Because I meditate and practice neigong, I see you, I see the savage beast when the mask slips, Maybe only for a second, But I see you. I also see the angel, When you have pure altruistic compassion, When you really care; When your caring is free from fear or pity, When there is no desire for an end result, That’s when your angel is looking through your eyes. My unfettered mind see’s how you wear your body; The tension borne from fear, The bowed head, the lazy slouch, The jutting chin and darting eyes; The deepest … Continue reading I See You

A Walk In The Woods

Today I went for a walk, Well, actually a shuffle; The ground was uneven, With 14 surgeries on my legs, I can barely move. Everyone passed me by, But I had the advantage; I could see everything they missed, I could hear what they didn’t, I could smell and taste what they couldn’t. I felt sorry for them; I had constant pain to let me know, That I was alive; I was grateful to walk, Grateful to be alive. I hadn’t smelled the earth for years, The moisture from the rain and river on my skin and tongue; The woody … Continue reading A Walk In The Woods

The Eyes Of The Dead

The first shovel full of earth hit the lid of my coffin; My dead eyes stared at the other side; So that was it, another vehicle worn out: And what had I done? We all know we’re going to die; But we push it to the back of our mind; And behave like we’re going to live forever; But each day leads us onwards; To that one inevitable end. Another sod hits the coffin lid; My body has expired; Because I’m not ‘me’ anymore; I see everything in a different light; My perspective has already grown. In the back of … Continue reading The Eyes Of The Dead

The Softest Touch

  I am a ghost, a wraith; Passing through life with the softest touch. I own nothing and no-one; Anything bought belongs to the Earth; And any person loved is completely free. I am only here to learn; I stand on the line between life and death; Free to love, cherish and enjoy; To embrace pain and suffering; To understand how one creates the other. By not blundering, not ‘forcing’; But stepping back and yielding; Only using the softest guiding hand; To bring imbalance back to the Tao. Stiffness, clumsiness and ego; Trying to prevent or force intention; Only bring … Continue reading The Softest Touch

Why Me?

Why Me? Why me? I’m a good person, I don’t do anything wrong, So why do I have to suffer? All the horrible evil people in the world, And this has to happen to me, That can’t be right, Is there no justice? Do you think there is a God sitting in judgment of you? That people that do good get a ‘nice’ time? A God making sure that evil people suffer? Look around you…. There is the law of the universe, That is true, Then there is a current law of society, That is attempted by humans. It is … Continue reading Why Me?

It’s Not What You Do

It’s Not What You Do What’s the best fighting style? What’s the best art for self defence? That art is not effective! Why waste your time with those techniques? We all like to judge, And looking at those judging, My first thought is, People in glass houses…. My second thought is, You’re looking at it the wrong way round, It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it that counts. It’s not the art, It’s not the style, It’s the person training, That makes the difference. I know great fighters, That have never done martial arts, They have a … Continue reading It’s Not What You Do

3 Essentials To Enlightenment

3 Essentials To Enlightenment If you want to be enlightened, And that doesn’t mean in the hippie sense, But to unburden yourself from too much suffering, There are 3 essentials that will help. The first is knowledge, To become the one that knows, Some people get this through experience and study, And some just never do. Knowledge gives a broad perspective, It helps you follow the right path, Books, learning and listening give knowledge, Intelligent use of them makes you grow. Study, meditation and experience, Are three keys to learning, The way of the true warrior, Is the pen, stillness … Continue reading 3 Essentials To Enlightenment