You’ll Have To Kill Me…

You’ll Have To Kill Me… The only way you’ll stop me is to kill me. I don’t give up. If I gave up I might just as well be dead. Because life will have no value for me. This makes me pick my battles carefully, I won’t pick a fight just because I’m angry, Or disappointed, or any other shallow reason, Every challenge is one that I am prepared to dedicate my life to. There is only win or die, Nothing in between, Every thought, movement and technique has this dedication, Not desperate, but resolute and determined. Starting on the … Continue reading You’ll Have To Kill Me…

It’s Yesterday No More

It’s Yesterday No More What you think you were yesterday, You weren’t. What you think you are today, You’re not. Memories are false, They’re what you want to make them. If you’re troubled, You think they’re bad. If you’re happy, You think they were good, But everyone there will see them different, Just like witnesses at a crime scene. What you were and what you are now is not true, It’s just your opinion, What you did or didn’t do, Is being judged by someone who is biased. Biased by culture, plagued by guilt, Sometimes hurt that is hidden, Festering … Continue reading It’s Yesterday No More

What Happened?

What Happened? When I was a child and teenager in the 50’s and 60’s, The public owned it’s own services, Trains, buses, electric, gas, water and mail, And the profit helped pay for community services. Prescriptions and university education were free, Legal and union representation gave job security, Council housing and rent control meant everyone was housed, Equality was becoming a reality. With free education, social mobility truly happened, We had 2 Prime ministers from grammar school education, Anyone from anywhere could become anything, At last society was moving forwards and there was hope. Computers and machinery were designed to … Continue reading What Happened?

The Learning Process

The Learning Process The learning process of the mind, Is a specific process, It is important to understand, To be able to learn effectively. Shi Kon use a mnemonic acronym, As this is the best way to remember, If you refine this process, All learning will be easier. The acronym we use is ATARC, This is a specific order, One cannot be done effectively, Without the preparation of the other. A is for attitude, This is the most important, Unless this is in the correct state, Everything else will be wrong. Attitude is emotional intelligence, Putting nothing in the way … Continue reading The Learning Process

The Happy Button…

The Happy Button… Happiness is a choice, So is misery, Happiness is a habit, So is misery. Which do you choose? Which is your habit? If you’ve slid into misery, How do you change it? Every day you should take the time, To wake up and practice neigong (inner work), Check out your condition, Both mental and physical. I have a ‘happy button’, It’s right there in the middle of my chest, Not where you dirty buggars were thinking! And I press it first thing in the morning, however I feel. When I press it I smile, And remember to … Continue reading The Happy Button…

Are You A Fattist?

Are You A Fattist?  Telling a person they’re fat, And should get their lard arse of the couch, And come down to your club or gym, Makes you the fattist. Every advert is about being skinny, Every pop up on the screen, It’s a ‘miracle’ pill or method, Preying on the weak. People are overweight for many reasons, Some have a thyroid dysfunction, For some it’s caused by medication, And some can’t move because of disability. For some food is an addiction, And some are emotionally disturbed, What makes it worse for all of them, Is that it’s there for … Continue reading Are You A Fattist?

Dealing With Fear

Dealing With Fear Fear is healthy, Everyone has it, It keeps you on your toes, Unless it gets out of hand. Then it freezes you, Or makes you into a monster, Either way it doesn’t help, And turns you into a victim. There is no ‘quick fix’, No ‘little trick’ to solve it, It requires Kung Fu, That is time and effort. Every day you learn to watch your emotions, What you do and how you react, Unnatural fear is a learned response, That has to be unlearned. Every time you train, You train your emotions, Neigong means ‘inner work’, … Continue reading Dealing With Fear

Death Is A Warm Blanket…

Death Is A Warm Blanket… You don’t even know you’re born, Well actually, that’s true, Because no-one can remember it, We become self conscious at a few years old. So why can’t we remember? Because we are still fully connected, And are pure universal energy, Until someone gives us a name. Drifting into sleep, is our name slipping away, We commune with our unconscious, While our name disappears, And we can regenerate. Meditation brings us back, Back to where we were as a child, The uncarved block, Energy without a name. The illusion of ‘self’, That which is named, Disappears … Continue reading Death Is A Warm Blanket…

The Deepest Door..

The Deepest Door.. Sit straight, Breathe deep, Focus the mind, And wait for it to settle. As moment passes to moment, Increase the intensity, Guard the senses, And think without words. The mind is the hardest muscle to train, Weak people give up easily, Training the body is easy, Training the mind is the real challenge. In stillness find the power, Find the deepest door in your mind, It will be protected by demons, But when opened is the font of wisdom and power. Your demons will always try to distract, Other people will play on your demons, Real power … Continue reading The Deepest Door..

Putting The Egg In The Eggcup..

Putting The Egg In The Eggcup.. Putting the head in the foot, Is like putting an egg in an eggcup. The head is the egg, The arch of the foot, the eggcup. Why is this important? Is it even possible? The combination of head and foot, Is one of the most important in Tai Chi. What makes the ‘substantial’ and ‘insubstantial’? The ‘weighted leg’ or ‘double weighted’? If you can feel the weight of the head in the foot, You have to be connected through the body. Only when the egg is in the eggcup, Is that leg truly weighted, … Continue reading Putting The Egg In The Eggcup..