Do You Train To Fight?

“The end result of martial arts training is to fight” – is it? Mine isn’t.  Mine includes the emotional intelligence to deal with confrontation in all it’s guises, to be able have resolve, determination and courage when needed, along with the patience, kindness, tolerance and compassion and their associated requisite skills when needed. To keep the peace. The calligraphy for ‘Budo’ and ‘Wu Shu’ is ‘to stop the spear’. The ‘Wa’ in ‘Wado’ means harmony and balance, as does ‘Aiki’ in Aikido, ‘Goju’ in ‘Goju Ryu’ and ‘Tai Chi’ means ‘Grand Ultimate’ as in the harmony of an enlightened mind. … Continue reading Do You Train To Fight?

What Is ‘Natural’ In Martial Arts?

I remember saying to Toru Takamizawa my Karate Sensei that martial arts were ‘natural movement’ and he answered “no they’re not, they’re trained, skilful movements done naturally.” A big difference! We have to really understand this. Right from the start we have to learn how to stand, walk and run, how to breathe and train our emotions, this requires a constant mindful state. We have to learn the right ‘martial’ exercises to free the body and enable the strength, flexibility and mobility required.  These have to be trained daily. We have to learn the ethos behind our art and the … Continue reading What Is ‘Natural’ In Martial Arts?

Internet Tough Guys

  Whenever anyone starts telling me what they are I wonder who they are trying to convince – me or themselves? Social media in the Martial Arts is awash with “I’m really hard I am, really tough, you’d better not upset me because I’m a ‘hardnut’…. I am, I really am, honest to God I am, I’m so hard, I’d rip a tissue or stamp on a dolls house!  All you lot are useless, what you do is useless, your martial arts are crap, in a real fight I’d muller the lot of you. There’s some mysterious place called a … Continue reading Internet Tough Guys

Don’t Mess With My Martial Arts

  People just don’t get it. If you are a serious martial artist, you won’t let anyone mess with your martial arts.  Training time is sacrosanct. It has to be done every day and takes priority over any other mundane tasks. Lessons and seminars are the same, they go in the calendar first and unless it’s VERY important everything else is arranged around them. Family and friends need to understand this. Why is this? Why is it so important to us? The reason is that it’s what makes and keeps us what we are. Every day we methodically work on … Continue reading Don’t Mess With My Martial Arts

The Magic Key

You have two eyes, two ears and one mouth for a reason First of all you don’t have to like your coach to learn from him (could be ‘he’ or she’ but I’ll use ‘he’ in this instance).  If he has the information you need, suck up your personal opinion of him and absorb yourself into the information. He’s not there to be liked, or entertain, if he’s serious, he’s there to make you a good martial artist and through the process you will probably love and hate him – often in the same session. A good coach will be … Continue reading The Magic Key