Doorstep Zen

Doorstep Zen This is my Dojo (place of learning the ‘way’) doorstep, as you enter you bow, as you bow you look down and this is what you see. ‘Shi’ means ‘warrior’ but more in the sense of ‘cultivated person’. ‘Kon’ means ‘spirit/heart’. ‘Budo’ means ‘to stop the spear’ or peacemaker. ‘Kan’ means ‘place/clubhouse’. So, ‘the place of the peacemaker with a warrior spirit’…. As you enter the Dojo the doorstep reminds you to leave the past and and future behind and become fully immersed and engaged in the present. The bow is an act of  mental cleansing, reminding you … Continue reading Doorstep Zen

The Present Is A Present

The Present Is A Present You cannot get into the future. You cannot get into the past. You cannot get out of the present. Therefore time as we know it doesn’t really exist. There is only the present. The present does not pass through time; Time passes through the present. It’s important to understand this; Guilt from what you think is the past, taints the present; Worrying about what you think is the future also taints the present; There is only the present. It is all one. It’s called the ‘present’ because that is what it is; A gift for … Continue reading The Present Is A Present

3 Ways To Practice Tai Chi

3 Ways To Practice Tai Chi Monk Style Always begin with Monk style… Neigong, Qigong, the Yang Chen Fu form and basic push hands drills. Practice like a monk in the temple gardens, with no ‘martial’ applications in mind, get rid of violence, aggression, fear and anger by clearing your mind, making it aware, focused, sensitive, intense and bringing it to a state of peace and stillness. Do this by working on your posture and breathing, this will bring forth these qualities of mind. Be gentle, soft, circular, continuous and let the mind be at ease. Until you can practice … Continue reading 3 Ways To Practice Tai Chi

Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire

Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire I’m looking for truth; I hate being manipulated; When I meditate, I discover who I am, And what I really think. Everything around me is a lie; Every lie wants to be a part of me; And take over my soul; Each one manipulates me; And tries to determine how I think. Religion is a lie. Nationality is lie. They don’t exist; They are made up by people; And yet we are expected to fight to the death over them. Money is not real; Only numbers on a spreadsheet; Yet because of it … Continue reading Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire

Putting Your Head In Your Anus

Putting Your Head In Your Anus It’s a catchy, humorous title but has a serious side to it. When you’re doing seated meditation a good point to focus on is ‘sealing your anus’ with the weight of your head. This ensures that your back is straight and your head is aligned. When you’re standing, you do the same with the arches of your feet and of course all balanced movement in Tai Chi is dependent on your skill in feeling this alignment and the arches of the feet are the first ‘pump of chi’ in the body. When standing you … Continue reading Putting Your Head In Your Anus

Martial Arts Bullies

  It’s common knowledge that I don’t like bullies in the martial arts in life or social media. When people go on about ‘standards’ and ‘McDojo’s” in the arts my first thought is ‘people in glass houses’… They are usually the people who should be putting their own house in order! We may not like what some people teach, but if they’re not breaking any laws we don’t have the right to bully, slander or libel them. What we do need to do is everything in our power to raise the standards of the arts generally in whatever area we … Continue reading Martial Arts Bullies