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Tai Chi Coaching Programme 2020


Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Qualification

This one day a month for 10 months intensive course will be taught personally by Steve Rowe 9th Dan, an internationally renowned Tai Chi teacher, Chairman and founder of both the Martial Arts Standards Agency and Shi Kon Martial Arts International. It is designed to certificate and give Tai Chi Coaches the ability to teach Tai Chi and run and administer a club to gold level standard. Participants will be registered with Shi Kon Martial Arts International Association, the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (the Sport England registered Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts) and the Martial Arts Standards Agency. The coaching part of the qualification will be the BCCMA level 2 and through these registrations we can lead you to the required DBS and Child Protection courses and the work required to gain the prestigious Sport England ‘Clubmark’ accreditation for your club.

The course will cover the following in depth and enable you to teach:

Meditation and Mindfulness – standing, sitting, walking and laying down.

Neigong – the 5 standing ‘yin and yang’ and neutral postures for breathing, emotional intelligence, postural alignment, the 3 bows, left and right and upper and lower body harmonies.

Qigong – the Yang Family exercises that soften the body, open the joints and myofascia and categorise the energies needed to do Tai Chi techniques,

The 8 Principles – that underpin and support all martial art movements.

The 13 Strategies – of Tai Chi that thread through all movement to make it effective.

The Yang Forms – The ‘Grasp Sparrow’s Tail’ Form that is suitable for beginners and short courses and contain all the essentials to begin learning Tai Chi and the 20 minute ‘Yang Chen Fu 108’ ‘gold standard’ form of Yang Family Tai Chi that you would expect any Yang style teacher to be able to teach.

Pushing Hands – Push Hands is the introduction to partner work. It takes the ‘constructive cycle’ of the form and utilises the ‘destructive cycle’ giving points on a circle that the cardinal strategies would be used. For this qualification, coaches will learn horizontal and vertical circle push hands drills, along with wrist and forearm rolling and the 4 ‘receiving’ technique drills.

Application – From the forms and pushing hands, participants will learn applications of the techniques and why Steve Rowe is the acknowledged expert and his knowledge used and respected by security and law enforcement services across Europe.

All the techniques will be videoed separately using top practitioners of the system with guiding ‘voice over’ by Steve Rowe and uploaded to a private FB page for technical support.

The Cost – of the entire qualification is £1500. This can be paid in advance or by £150 deposit to secure your place and 9 subsequent monthly payments when the programme starts by direct debit of £150.

The Qualification starts in January 2020 and the training days will be at Steve’s full time Dojo in Chatham Kent UK from 11.30am – 4pm

Anyone needing any extra help or training will be able to take additional private lessons with Steve at a ‘members cost’ of £50 per hour.

If you are interested in registering message Steve Rowe on FB, call or text on 07545 23 22 21 or email



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Letting Go..


Pick up a stone and hold it in a clenched fist;
There are 2 ways to let it go;
You can turn your fist palm down and let it go so it drops to the ground;
Or you can turn your fist palm upwards and unclench letting it rest in the palm of your hand.

People that have been hurt emotionally,
Sometimes say they are going to be Buddhist;
And practice ‘non-attachment’ so they don’t get hurt again;
This is not the Buddhist approach;
In fact this is aversion and will bring the same pain as desire.

To develop an intelligent heart, you unclench yet embrace;
Engage fully with the wisdom that you cannot own or possess;
Enjoy and love but be able to let it go;
All things will pass and return to the source;
That is the ‘way’ of the universe.

Non attachment is the wisdom of impermanence;
Everything is on fire, enjoy the heat and beauty;
Then let it turn to ash.
To hold on to fire is suffering and will help no-one;
Soon enough you too will be ash.

If it didn’t burn, if were not fragile;
There would be no beauty, no movement, no time;
No youth, no ageing, no learning, no experience;
No point in having life.

Happiness and suffering create each other;
All things will pass,
To understand this is wisdom;
And allows you to love and engage freely;
Then you do not have to try and clench on the stone – or throw it away.

By Steve Rowe

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The Path To Success

Stella punch

Taken from the notes of Chris Gunn as a reminder as to what was covered on the Seminar on the 19th May 2013.  I post this on the blog because it’s an excellent reminder to any of my students and anyone in the Martial Arts that there is a straight forward linear path to success with no vague concepts if you’re prepared to put in the work required. It was very kind of Chris to allow these notes to be published.

Steve had ended up entitling the Seminar ‘The Path To Success’ to help us determine the right path to tread to determine success from failure which as he explained could be a fine line as it will be only as strong as it’s weakest point – and many people fail for the silliest of reasons without realising it.

The Shikon training process relies on three things

Mnemonics – Firstly ‘simple’ does not mean ‘easy’ – an important point.   Use of the logo, iconography in the Dojo, the acronyms, the 8 principles, the 13 dynamics, the synergy between basics, the  form (a mnemonic to remember what to do) into application are all ways to simplify the remembering process.

Allusion – The training and grading syllabus layers the training at each level with each part alluding to all the future training ideas and concepts with a rolling snowball concept as all past training has to raised to incorporate the new ideas of the current grade.

Validation – The training is only validated when the principles can be applied at varying distances, angles and ways against opponents of differing size and skill.

Steve explained the importance of the mnemonic ‘if you want to do it right – simply don’t do it wrong’, stressing that we should work at a speed that enables us to use the skill within the technique and allow that skill to eventually give us the required speed and power.

Then he explained the mnemonic ATARC that is the learning process:

Attitude – If our attitude and mindset are wrong then the whole learning process will be corrupted, the reason that neigong is so important first.
Thought. Think through and plan the technique mentally, visualising every move and the feeling.
Action. Perform the move, form, technique.
Reflection. To reflect on how we performed and how it needs to be corrected.
Correction. Don’t repeat the mistake, go back to A to go through the corrective process that will correct any errors and repeat until it becomes natural action.

Steve then explained the importance of knowing the path you’re on.  With the Shi Kon Training Syllabus Steve started with what he wanted as the end result of the training, explaining that he wanted strong individual people with their own well thought out opinions that resulted from being able to turn an aware, focused, sensitive and intense mind, able to exercise critical thinking from a broad perspective unfettered by fear or bias on any subject, able to use emotional intelligence and good health to enhance their life with the principle based ability to box, kick, grapple, lock, throw, strangle or choke, from standup to groundwork if needed.

He explained the importance of starting with the mind, training it in:

Awareness requires deep breathing, deep breathing requires good posture.

Focus  requires exercises and training to sustain concentration.

Sensitivity requires using the aware and focused mind to read the mental, emotional and physical state of your own body, to be able to free the joints and myofascia for easy skilful movement, rooting, power and balance.  When you understand these in yourself, you can break them in an opponent.

These qualities are trained in neigong and qigong, the emotional intelligence is developed through the standing postures, the yin focusing on patience, kindness, tolerance and compassion and the yang on resolve, determination, power and strength.

Steve then took the students through the Yang Family Qigong exercises (even though he was on crutches) explaining how these exercises developed all the necessary skills for freeing the body and mind for combat.

Steve showed how these exercises practiced the 7 main ‘internal’ power skills of the body body core and spine:

He then explained the importance of the part played by the balance of:

Steve finished explaining the 8 Principles of Shi Kon in some depth and how they all relate to each other showing how they are the criteria for grading and the basis for teaching and training. They are:

The difference between success and failure can be a fine line, anyone training in Shi Kon Kung Fu or Taiji is on a deliberated path drawn from the end result backwards, everything is for a reason and has to be validated physically, there are no vague, nebulous exercises or techniques. Steve explained the importance of developing all these links equally and knowing exactly what you are doing in every training session, why you are doing it and what results are expected both in the short and long term, the importance of challenging everything you do positively to fully understand it and working with the Instructors and other students to get there.

At the end I felt that the title ‘The Path To Success’ had been earned with the Seminar and along with everyone else felt inspired to move forwards in the system!


I Don’t Belive In PMA….

deflect and punch

I don’t believe in ‘positive mental attitude’ because to do so implies a negative one. Life just is as it is. Hardship is a challenge and we learn from it and we also benefit from rest and respite to heal.

I am a warrior and welcome challenges as they make me stronger and wiser, those that go for an easy life are boring to me.

The only way to stop me is to kill me.

I don’t need encouragement to win, I’m not that weak, I don’t need medals, certificates or awards as I know exactly what I can and can’t do.

There’s nothing you can take from me to weaken me, everything life throws at me and anything you do only makes me stronger.

Teamwork in Shi Kon makes us strong as a group but isolated each warrior remains individually strong as that’s what we train for.

Praise and ridicule mean nothing to me as they will never change or divert me from my purpose or how I feel about myself. Physical and mental hardship have taught me exactly who I am.

Shi Kon = Warrior Spirit/Heart/Mind

Use it or lose it.

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