Stand Up To Abuse!

Know the difference!

So called ‘friends and family’ who only like you when you do what they want and turn on you when you don’t are not ‘friends or family’. Dump them.

Real friends and family let you be who you are and support you to grow and when you’re down.

You’d think that was obvious. Yet I constantly watch people who are having the knife twisted in their guts by bullying, narcissistic family and so called friends who they cling to because they think that they are ‘family and friends’.

Real friends are then discarded because they are seen as a threat and are either abused or left behind making them cling even more to the fake ones and then they wonder why everyone abuses them.

If you want good friends, learn how to be a good friend, learn the difference between fake and real and have the bravery to call out and stand up to the users and abusers.

It’s up to you to change your life for the better.

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