Why Does Your Dog Love You?

Why does your dog love you?

They say that if you want to know who loves you most, lock your wife and dog in the boot of your car and then see who is most pleased to see you 😀

But seriously, how does your dog love you unconditionally? It’s because he doesn’t see you as separate to him. When he looks at you he sees you as a part of him, that’s why you can have a dog around and ‘meld’ with a non human and experience a time of love and harmony that can help you to see the world in a completely different way.

See how a dog helps to rehabilitate hardened criminals, how they can be a ‘seeing eye’ to the visually impaired and a therapy dog to many others sensing when epileptic‘s are about to fit and the growth cancer cells and whether anyone has illegal drugs on them.

You can’t beat having a dog around to help you change your way of seeing the world 😀

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