Getting Depressed

Sometimes you have to ask yourself “when was I last happy?” It’s easy to slide into depression without realising it.So many things can affect you without you realising it.A negative environment,Miserable people around you,A traumatic event,Fatigue, illness,Situations that you find hard to accept. It can be like the hands of a clock.Moving so slow you don’t see it.Day by day,Hour by hour,Your habits change. And suddenly you are depressed,Nothing lights you up,You don’t want to wake up,Get up, take care of yourself,You don’t want to go anywhere,You don’t want to see anyone. And you think “how did I get here?” … Continue reading Getting Depressed

Why Does Your Dog Love You?

Why does your dog love you? They say that if you want to know who loves you most, lock your wife and dog in the boot of your car and then see who is most pleased to see you 😀 But seriously, how does your dog love you unconditionally? It’s because he doesn’t see you as separate to him. When he looks at you he sees you as a part of him, that’s why you can have a dog around and ‘meld’ with a non human and experience a time of love and harmony that can help you to see … Continue reading Why Does Your Dog Love You?

Lose Anxiety

All your life you have believed that you were born into this world and have to conquer everything around you. You have to work hard to become successful and highly regarded by all those around you. The more qualifications and visible skills you acquire, the career you forge, the more money you make, the better house and car you have all form a part of who you are no how you are judged. As this structure breaks down and many people are suffering from anxiety and depression, others are turning to an alternative way both through choice and necessity. You … Continue reading Lose Anxiety

Breathing With Your Body

This morning’s neigong: Don’t eat breakfast; Drink a pint of iced water; Find your place to stand; Then find your balance. Find your natural breathing rhythm; Don’t breathe in until you would have to stop yourself; Don’t breathe out until you would have stop yourself; Let your body, not your mind deepen and control the breath. Use your entire dantien to breathe; Stomach sides and back draw the diaphragm down; Filling the lungs with air; Calming you down, making your mind aware and focused. In Tai Chi the joints and fascia act together as a pump; Expand them naturally as … Continue reading Breathing With Your Body

The Dark Side Of Pain

  Pain eats your soul. You want to move but you can’t. Life is out there waiting, Calling you to come out and play, People to see, places to be, Exciting, active and fun… The spirit is willing, but the body is tired, Every move jars the soul, Pain screams around the joints, They give way and are unstable, Medication has a price that is just as bad. Everybody assumes you will fully repair, That is the confidence of youth. You end up joining the pretence, Because it’s easier than trying to explain. In the end life can only get … Continue reading The Dark Side Of Pain

I See You

I see you…. Because I meditate and practice neigong, I see you, I see the savage beast when the mask slips, Maybe only for a second, But I see you. I also see the angel, When you have pure altruistic compassion, When you really care; When your caring is free from fear or pity, When there is no desire for an end result, That’s when your angel is looking through your eyes. My unfettered mind see’s how you wear your body; The tension borne from fear, The bowed head, the lazy slouch, The jutting chin and darting eyes; The deepest … Continue reading I See You

Compassion And The Martial Arts

In my youth I was arrogant and violent before I discovered the Martial Arts – and as a result of that discovery I also went on to study Buddhism, Zen and Taoism.  It was through these studies that I found compassion.  In hindsight I think that my excitability, arrogance and violence was a result of being ’empathic’ and not knowing how to deal with it.  As an empathic child in a non empathic family and culture where ‘give him a slap’ was the answer to everything in a relationship and as I attended the roughest school in South London where … Continue reading Compassion And The Martial Arts

Hand Healing In The Martial Arts

Hand Healing In The Martial Arts The kwoon was unusually quiet.  When I entered Sifu was standing with his hands on Jane’s head, she was seated with her eyes closed.  Everyone else was getting on with the business of training, warming up or in a conversation of hushed whispers.  The aura of the healing that was taking place gave the usually lively character of the room the feeling of a church. Its strange how Sifu was just standing and Jane sitting, to a casual observer nothing was happening and yet the energy transfer that was taking place was obvious enough … Continue reading Hand Healing In The Martial Arts

Healing In The Martial Arts

If you study Martial Arts for Self Defence…..  What is most likely to kill you?  The answer is of course, bad health – and therefore that should be your first line of defence!  You have to care for your physical, mental and emotional health to be able to deal with any external threat effectively An important day in your life as a Martial Artist is the day you take responsibility for your own well being and training regime. The art of healing is an essential part of your Martial Arts training.  The Japanese say satsu/katsu that it is essentially that … Continue reading Healing In The Martial Arts

Internal Or External?

Internal and external has many translations in the Martial Arts, You cannot be one or the other, Because we all have an inside and an outside, If you are more one than the other, you are unbalanced. If you’re taught externally, Your instructor will correct you by how you look on the outside: If you’re taught internally, Your instructor will correct you by how you feel inside. Ideally, you need both. If you train externally, You will utilise the power of emotion, If you train internally, Your mind will be calm and focused. If you train externally, You will use … Continue reading Internal Or External?