How Tai Chi Saved My Life

  After a double knee replacement I fell and severed 3 quadriceps on both legs, this went unnoticed for 4 years, then 2 x 5hr attempted and failed rebuilds.  My right leg became infected and I had another knee replacement with an antibiotic spacer and 3 months of intravenous antibiotics. Two years afterwards, that leg became infected again (I had been fighting the infection for the whole 2 years)  leading to 5 more surgeries including removal of the knee, another antibiotic spacer and eventually an arthrodesis (fusing the leg straight with an iron bar through the middle) and another 3 … Continue reading How Tai Chi Saved My Life

Don’t Think – Feel…

  “If you work on your mind with your mind, how can you not be confused?” A very common problem with the students I teach. They know that they are stuck, they know that they are suffering as a result.  It’s all very well telling them to ‘think outside the box’ or to find the ‘infinite stillness within’ or as Bruce Lee would say “don’t think, feel” but if thinking is the tool that you’ve always used to problem solve, you’re stuck.  You can only work on your mind with your mind up to a point. And the mind is … Continue reading Don’t Think – Feel…

Kung Fu Kids Codes

Below are listed the Kung Fu Kids codes that we teach at our club listed in the briefest and most memorable way to help you remember…. Our 4 Rules (recited in Dojo every lesson) Practice every day Never attack anyone Balance training, nutrition and rest Good behaviour at all times Good Values Respect yourself Respect others Value the environment Seek Knowledge Achieve your potential Contribute positively   Good Manners Say hello/goodbye Say please/thank you/excuse me Be on time Wait your turn Sit properly Ask before using Ask before moving Don’t interrupt or yell out Don’t swear Don’t embarrass others   … Continue reading Kung Fu Kids Codes

What Tai Chi Gives Me

  Tai Chi allows me to let go.  When we can’t let go we are consumed with anxiety, fear, anger and desire. Often we don’t know it because we are it, we are consumed and unhappy. Some people darken a room when they enter and some light it up. Those that darken it are consumed by all those negative traits and can’t understand why their life is so bad. Those that lighten it have learned to let them go and are ‘awake’ to the balance of light and dark known as yin and yang – they have found balance. If … Continue reading What Tai Chi Gives Me