Kung Fu Kids Codes


Below are listed the Kung Fu Kids codes that we teach at our club listed in the briefest and most memorable way to help you remember….

Our 4 Rules (recited in Dojo every lesson)

Practice every day

Never attack anyone

Balance training, nutrition and rest

Good behaviour at all times

Good Values

Respect yourself

Respect others

Value the environment

Seek Knowledge

Achieve your potential

Contribute positively


Good Manners

Say hello/goodbye

Say please/thank you/excuse me

Be on time

Wait your turn

Sit properly

Ask before using

Ask before moving

Don’t interrupt or yell out

Don’t swear

Don’t embarrass others


Good Behaviour

You are responsible for your actions

We all have rights and responsibilities

Negative behaviour = consequences

Care courtesy respect responsibility – code of behaviour

Bullying and harassment aren’t fair and hurt people

Positive behaviour = reward

Our rules protect your rights


Good Social Skills

Develop self esteem

Develop good values

Use good manners

Develop good people skills

Communicate effectively with others

Build and maintain friendships

Work cooperatively in groups

Manage and resolve conflict

Make good choices in challenging situations

Avoid anti social behaviour


Good People Skills


Use good manners

Acknowledge others

Use greetings

Use people’s names

Look at people when talking


Accept differences

Respect opinions of others

Give compliments


Code of behaviour


For others

For the school environment


Acknowledge others

Speak politely

Use good Manners


Others and their property

School rules


Be well presented

Be punctual and prepared

Do your best




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