Teaching Children To Meditate

Teaching children to meditate. Children have to be taught in a different way to adults, it should be threaded through their normal training. To ask them to just sit or stand still without proper instruction will make them uncomfortable and not want to do it. Mindfulness is taught through posture and breath to induce calm and included in all slower technical learning by also getting them to focus on one aspect of the movement. This way it becomes a normal aspect of their training. Children can sit or lay down in good posture and breathe naturally but a bit more … Continue reading Teaching Children To Meditate

Kung Fu Kids Codes

Below are listed the Kung Fu Kids codes that we teach at our club listed in the briefest and most memorable way to help you remember…. Our 4 Rules (recited in Dojo every lesson) Practice every day Never attack anyone Balance training, nutrition and rest Good behaviour at all times Good Values Respect yourself Respect others Value the environment Seek Knowledge Achieve your potential Contribute positively   Good Manners Say hello/goodbye Say please/thank you/excuse me Be on time Wait your turn Sit properly Ask before using Ask before moving Don’t interrupt or yell out Don’t swear Don’t embarrass others   … Continue reading Kung Fu Kids Codes