Martial Arts Bullies

  It’s common knowledge that I don’t like bullies in the martial arts in life or social media. When people go on about ‘standards’ and ‘McDojo’s” in the arts my first thought is ‘people in glass houses’… They are usually the people who should be putting their own house in order! We may not like what some people teach, but if they’re not breaking any laws we don’t have the right to bully, slander or libel them. What we do need to do is everything in our power to raise the standards of the arts generally in whatever area we … Continue reading Martial Arts Bullies

Stop Bullying!

Stop Bullying! I get very worried looking at a lot of social media posts by martial art instructors who have never undergone the holistic training of traditional martial arts and are still stuck in the neanderthal, excitable and violent mindset that the only way to deal with bullying is to become like the bully and hit them.  I grew up in that mindset on a South London Council Estate and would probably in prison for violence now if it hadn’t been for traditional martial arts.  For the past 45 years I have taught extensively in the education system, to police … Continue reading Stop Bullying!

Kung Fu Kids Codes

Below are listed the Kung Fu Kids codes that we teach at our club listed in the briefest and most memorable way to help you remember…. Our 4 Rules (recited in Dojo every lesson) Practice every day Never attack anyone Balance training, nutrition and rest Good behaviour at all times Good Values Respect yourself Respect others Value the environment Seek Knowledge Achieve your potential Contribute positively   Good Manners Say hello/goodbye Say please/thank you/excuse me Be on time Wait your turn Sit properly Ask before using Ask before moving Don’t interrupt or yell out Don’t swear Don’t embarrass others   … Continue reading Kung Fu Kids Codes

How To Stop Bullying

How To Stop Bullying Simon was 13 years old and usually an enthusiastic and happy member of the adult class.  Tonight he really did seem ‘off his game’ – he was quiet and messing up his timing and distance by blinking and seemingly scared of being hit.  Sensei noticed this and followed him down to the changing rooms.  Simon was sitting staring into space. “You alright Simon?” asked Sensei “Yeah… sure…” said Simon in an uncertain tone. “What’s up mate, it’s unlike you to be off your game like this?” pressed Sensei. “Just an off day I guess,” said Simon. … Continue reading How To Stop Bullying

Revenge Of The Stolen Pen

Steve Rowe talks to well respected Doorman and Shi Kon Martial Artist Dennis Jones. This interview was done in March 2005. Dennis visited the centre and bought a videotape with a collection of violent confrontations taken from his huge archive of footage from 25 years of door work on some of the most violent night clubs in the Medway area to help the students understand how violence starts and how to avoid and deal with it.  Whilst he was here I asked him to talk about how bullies single out their targets. SR  Dennis, we’ve just watched a videotape made … Continue reading Revenge Of The Stolen Pen


Bullying is not always obvious, Sometimes it’s physical abuse, Sometimes it’s verbal and persuasive, And sometimes it’s on the screen you use. The punching and kicking is obvious, The name calling, taunting and rumour, Destroying someone’s reputation can be more hidden, Done by nasty gossip and humour. Recruiting others makes it seem legitimate, Peer pressure makes it seem right, When many agree to make one suffer, Surely that makes it alright? Bullies often have high social standing, This empowers them with the crowd, They are quick to be aggressive, And the majority are scared to speak out. The victim will … Continue reading Bullying….

How To Deal With Bullying At School

This a guide from the UK Government on how to deal with bullying at school. Source: 1. THE LAW Some forms of bullying are illegal and should be reported to the police. These include: violence or assault theft repeated harassment or intimidation, eg name calling, threats and abusive phone calls, emails or text messages hate crimes Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger. SCHOOLS AND THE LAW By law, all state (not private) schools must have a behaviour policy in place that includes measures to prevent all forms of bullying among pupils.This policy is decided by the school. … Continue reading How To Deal With Bullying At School