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Bullying is not always obvious,

Sometimes it’s physical abuse,

Sometimes it’s verbal and persuasive,

And sometimes it’s on the screen you use.

The punching and kicking is obvious,

The name calling, taunting and rumour,

Destroying someone’s reputation can be more hidden,

Done by nasty gossip and humour.

Recruiting others makes it seem legitimate,

Peer pressure makes it seem right,

When many agree to make one suffer,

Surely that makes it alright?

Bullies often have high social standing,

This empowers them with the crowd,

They are quick to be aggressive,

And the majority are scared to speak out.

The victim will be lonely and nervous,

And never seems to fit in,

The emotional damage is permanent,

And goes very deep within.

The bully will suffer the same,

But have learned to hide it well,

Be manipulative nasty and narcissistic,

And really as dark as hell.

To make sure we don’t bully or assist,

We have to be emotionally secure,

Be ready to stand up for the bullied,

And not give in to our fear….

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