Old Man On A Bench

Old Man On A Bench Made me jump. I thought he was a statue; Just sitting there staring into time; People reach that age where they become invisible; Not fitting into social norms…. He was bolt upright. Neck firmly against his collar; Back ramrod straight; Breathing imperceptibly; No wonder I thought he was made of stone.. I was transfixed. I wondered what his life had been; What had he done? What had bought him to here, now? What could he teach us? We used to revere age and experience; Now we worship youth and stupidity; Dignity is sadly a thing … Continue reading Old Man On A Bench

My Body Is Like My Dog

  My dog is my old friend, when we were young we used to run around and wrestle and for 13 years where ever I’ve been he’s been there with me, at my feet or on my lap. Now his doddery old legs barely carry him and his arthritis and old injuries are a constant nag and need medication but our intertwined lives means that we are still the best of friends and know each others thoughts and emotions. My body is my oldest friend, for 68 years it’s carried me through 50 years of martial arts and every sensual … Continue reading My Body Is Like My Dog

What’s In It For Me?

  I hate the ‘what’s in it for me’ people. I love the people that support their family, club, association, charities and community. I love the students and instructors that support seminars, tournaments and courses and enjoy both the learning and social aspects of the gatherings. I love the Instructors that take all the right qualifications and continue their professional development. Those that register, licence and insure their students and are confident enough and not afraid┬áto let them attend association and other seminars to widen their perspective. So many are happy enough to take their student’s money but are too … Continue reading What’s In It For Me?

Why Are You Ignoring Your Oldest Friend?

Why are you ignoring your oldest friend? It’s always been there with you, holding you up in the hardest of times, crying and laughing with you, always supporting you from the ground up – and yet you steadfastly ignore it! It talks to you all the time, tells you when it wants to exercise, rest, eat, drink, and yet you treat it rudely. Well STOP IT! And start paying attention. Your dog doesn’t speak your language and yet you understand everything he says, when he wants attention, feeding, drink, walkies, you treat him well and love him. You body does … Continue reading Why Are You Ignoring Your Oldest Friend?