It’s Not What You Do

steve knife gun

It’s Not What You Do

What’s the best fighting style?

What’s the best art for self defence?

That art is not effective!

Why waste your time with those techniques?

We all like to judge,

And looking at those judging,

My first thought is,

People in glass houses….

My second thought is,

You’re looking at it the wrong way round,

It’s not what you do,

It’s how you do it that counts.

It’s not the art,

It’s not the style,

It’s the person training,

That makes the difference.

I know great fighters,

That have never done martial arts,

They have a heart and spirit,

That surpass many that do.

I know many classical martial artists,

That practice technique and kata,

That the RBSD people abhor,

Yet make what they do work in the street.

There are those that have got it,

And those that haven’t,

Those that are judgmental,

Usually don’t have what it takes.

They distract everyone,

By making lots of noise,

Trying to convince everyone,

That they know what they’re talking about.

They wear the uniform,

Camouflaging their fear,

With fierce expressions,

And a CV by Enid Blyton.

Those that have what it takes,

Don’t need to brag,

Don’t need to threaten,

Because they can do the business.

A rich man doesn’t need to display his wealth,

A powerful man is usually polite,

A successful man feels secure,

And doesn’t need to bully others.

The only time to look down to someone,

Is when you are helping them up,

You never make yourself look bigger,

By making others look smaller.

Be truthful about what you’ve done,

Be humble in your approach,

Always respect others,

And help them when you can.

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