It’s Not What You Do

It’s Not What You Do What’s the best fighting style? What’s the best art for self defence? That art is not effective! Why waste your time with those techniques? We all like to judge, And looking at those judging, My first thought is, People in glass houses…. My second thought is, You’re looking at it the wrong way round, It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it that counts. It’s not the art, It’s not the style, It’s the person training, That makes the difference. I know great fighters, That have never done martial arts, They have a … Continue reading It’s Not What You Do

I Don’t Do Nice

I Don’t Do Nice “Cover up guys and sit down….” Despite the efficient warm down, everyone ‘squelched’ as they sat. When you’ve had a really hard work out and everyone is drenched in sweat, every bit of clothing, underwear and skin is soaked.  Even using covering track gear and towels, you can see the steam rising from everyone’s head and shoulders. When they get up, they leave wet bum prints – almost like ‘rear end personal fingerprints’ on the floor. We’d had a ‘classic’ session, starting with standing basics, working on the skills of making a proper fist, use of … Continue reading I Don’t Do Nice

Tai Chi Makes You Beautiful

“Okay…..   Let’s warm down with a bit of tai chi….. the Yang 108 form first section….”  This was quite usual in our class, it helped us to work on the internal aspects of our training plus the posture breathing and relaxation required to source our power properly. “Mol gik….” Everyone stood correcting their posture, making their breathing deeper, softening and stretching to make the ‘greater heavenly cycle’ of chi function more efficiently.  This was an excellent form of standing meditation, often called ‘wu chi’, an experience of ‘everything and nothing’ at the same time. “Tai gik.”  Everyone prepared for movement … Continue reading Tai Chi Makes You Beautiful

I Have A Dream…

That one day Martial Arts will not be thought of as ‘separate’ Martial Arts, that the politics of structures like Karate, Ju Jitsu,  Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Aikido are consigned to history – that Martial Arts will retain it’s diversity without the politics and have just one Governing Body dealing only with club structure, safety and the various types of competition…. That there will be no politics of styles, no Wado, no Shotokan, no Hun Gar, no GKR, no Tomiki, that everyone will be working to be the best they can and eventually transcending the ‘style’ of their teachers with … Continue reading I Have A Dream…