Taking Or Giving?


Taking Or Giving?

Not being a liability on others,

Means you always pay your bills,

Living within your means,

And not spending like a fool.

Modern society tries to make you a slave,

The media want you to spend,

To buy things you don’t need,

And to owe your life to them.

You have things that work and serviceable,

Yet you always want more or new,

Because you are hypnotised by others,

Who want to own your soul.

Taking responsibility for your purse,

Is a part of taking responsibility for your self,

Taking possession of your time,

And preventing your control by others.

It’s important to earn a living,

By not causing any harm,

And then by benefitting others,

Giving, instead of taking.

The question often arises,

Should a club be for profit,

Whether amateur or professional,

It should always pay its bills.

A club is always ‘business’,

However it is run,

The question is as always,

Does it do good or harm?

So how do you earn your living?

Do you cause good or harm?

Do you benefit your community?

Or are you a parasite on their back?

Does spending make you feel good?

Buying things you do not need?

Are you killing the planet and people?

By feeding your weakness and greed?

The balance of earning and spending,

Is basic maths at best,

Yet so many are fooled by business,

And live life their life in debt.

Because our life is short,

‘Ownership’ is a farce,

We only care for anything,

On a fully repairing lease.

Quicken the pace of the planet,

By consuming more than you need,

Is only spoiling it for your children,

With your own interminable greed.

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