What Happened?


What Happened?

When I was a child and teenager in the 50’s and 60’s,

The public owned it’s own services,

Trains, buses, electric, gas, water and mail,

And the profit helped pay for community services.

Prescriptions and university education were free,

Legal and union representation gave job security,

Council housing and rent control meant everyone was housed,

Equality was becoming a reality.

With free education, social mobility truly happened,

We had 2 Prime ministers from grammar school education,

Anyone from anywhere could become anything,

At last society was moving forwards and there was hope.

Computers and machinery were designed to ease the burden,

We were told soon we would be working a 20hour week,

And earning more money with more leisure,

Science was going to improve the quality of life.

Our bank manager was our trusted friend,

He had our interests at heart,

Companies valued loyalty,

The longer you were a customer, the better deals you received.

Policeman walked the beat and were our friends,

They represented and defended the community,

Teachers educated our children,

And doctors would see us anytime and care.

Now our politicians are all privately educated,

Our country and services have been sold,

Our sick, disabled and disenfranchised are persecuted,

All care and compassion has dissolved.

Our minds and fears are constantly distracted,

We look at boobs and bums and blame the immigrants,

The rich have got richer and the poor poorer,

The 1% have it all.

We eat shit, take shit, and believe shit,

Pay through the nose for what was ours,

The poor blame the poorer,

While the rich laugh up their sleeve.

The police, NHS and education,

Just fill in forms,

They massage the figures,

To keep us in the dark.

We have no representation,

Not at any level anywhere,

As the poor get squeezed yet again,

Violence will arise.

We sold weapons to all sides of global conflict,

We caused most of the wars,

Yet we complain about refugees,

And one day this will backfire.

Until we find compassion,

Until we really care,

Until we lift the blindfolds,

We will repeat history.

Millions are slaughtered in conflict,

Millions are refugees and starving,

Billions of animals are slaughtered,

And we’re still looking at tits and bums.

When will humanity wake up?

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