Principles And Dynamics

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Principles And Dynamics

What is the difference between principles and dynamics?

Both underlay technique,

Principles are present all the time,

But dynamics change and combine.

The feet must always be in the right place,

At the right time and press the right way,

The body must always be aligned,

And the mind always alert, focused, sensitive and intense.

The breathing must always be deep and natural,

The internal line always connected,

The spine and core always being manipulated,

And the ideas of wedging and spiraling always in place.

These principles are what make a technique work,

Combined they give immense power,

Break one and the others fold,

They give the strategy to win or lose.

Whilst keeping these in place,

There are strategies you can use,

These will come and go,

And dynamically change the game.

Ward off is to repel the opponent without losing structure,

Roll back is to lead the opponent into nothingness,

Press to smother and repel not allowing to opponent to attack,

Push is to uproot bouncing the opponent out of his feet.

Bump is to hit and uproot by bumping with the body mass,

Strike is to hit with body parts like fist and elbow supported by body mass.

Pluck is to shake or vibrate to break structure.

Split is to take the opponent in two opposing circles at the same time.

These can be combined with standing firm to repel,

Or stepping in to attack,

Stepping back to absorb,

Or to the side to evade or deflect.

The 8 principles are always present,

The 13 dynamics are interchangeably used within their frame,

And the techniques are the method of expressing them,

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