The Fork In The Martial Road

The Fork In The Martial Road We start training in the martial arts to improve ourselves. We get fitter, healthier, better at technique and go up in our own and other’s estimation, often taking responsibility to teach and having others look up to us. This brings us to an important fork in the road of our martial arts training. We may have been weak, greedy for money, lust driven to manipulate others, bullied or a bully and/or a narcissist. Martial arts training SHOULD then reduce those weaknesses and make us a more disciplined, empathic, compassionate, tolerant and helpful person, but … Continue reading The Fork In The Martial Road

Principled Training And Existence

My Shi Kon training system is ‘principle based’. Principles are what makes everything work and we have 8 of them. If all 8 are in place, whatever you do will work. I only think and train in principles and strategies, techniques will be the result of them and can vary from situation to situation. This means that there is a area that techniques will appear different and still be ‘right’, many people find this confusing, “is it like this, or is it like this?” can sometimes be answered with “yes” because both are correct as they employ all 8 principles. … Continue reading Principled Training And Existence

Principles And Dynamics

Principles And Dynamics What is the difference between principles and dynamics? Both underlay technique, Principles are present all the time, But dynamics change and combine. The feet must always be in the right place, At the right time and press the right way, The body must always be aligned, And the mind always alert, focused, sensitive and intense. The breathing must always be deep and natural, The internal line always connected, The spine and core always being manipulated, And the ideas of wedging and spiraling always in place. These principles are what make a technique work, Combined they give immense … Continue reading Principles And Dynamics