Seeing With Clarity


Seeing With Clarity

That precious moment when you ‘wake up’ from meditation,

When all behind the mask is revealed,

When you see things with total clarity,

And the circus that’s always been there.

Can you imagine if we invented roads now?

Tarmac strips between pedestrians without barriers,

Jagged pieces of metal travelling at 70 mph,

With people dodging between.

Women with painted faces,

Teetering along on pointy shoe stilts,

Making themselves look like circus clowns,

Matching the image of the ringmasters media.

Men wearing a gaily coloured hangman’s noose around their neck,

With a ‘manscaped’ face, and their wife’s tight trousers,

Walking like a gym made balloon man,

With a bottle stuck up their backside..

People performing for the Ringmaster,

To buy things they don’t need,

Made by foreign slave labour,

Poisoning the environment with their greed.

A third of humanity starving,

Two thirds in abject poverty,

The 3rd world slaughtering each other,

While the first world is obese.

150 billion animals slaughtered annually,

For food we don’t need,

The pain, torture and suffering,

Behind closed doors so we don’t see.

People living from the outside in,

Instead of the inside out,

Performing to please others,

Never becoming who they should.

A planet being poisoned by its circus,

Waiting patiently to burn down the tents,

The planet doesn’t die, it just changes,

The circus kills itself.

The colours, music and make up,

Distract from what’s really going on,

The Ringmaster thinks only of profit,

And the clown’s shoes are too big for his feet.

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