How To Change The World

  We live in a reductionist society.  We are reliant on the few for everything we do and have. Our jobs, our income, our media, our entertainment, our religion and spirituality, everything is very carefully controlled. We are encouraged to look outside, to aspire to external beauty, good jobs, good houses, money and these are all held like carrots for a stupid donkey. Even our religion is politically controlled and run. Our elections are like turkeys voting for Christmas. We are never encouraged to look inside and explore the bigger inner universe, to challenge every bit of information that is … Continue reading How To Change The World

Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire

Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire I’m looking for truth; I hate being manipulated; When I meditate, I discover who I am, And what I really think. Everything around me is a lie; Every lie wants to be a part of me; And take over my soul; Each one manipulates me; And tries to determine how I think. Religion is a lie. Nationality is lie. They don’t exist; They are made up by people; And yet we are expected to fight to the death over them. Money is not real; Only numbers on a spreadsheet; Yet because of it … Continue reading Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire

What Happened?

What Happened? When I was a child and teenager in the 50’s and 60’s, The public owned it’s own services, Trains, buses, electric, gas, water and mail, And the profit helped pay for community services. Prescriptions and university education were free, Legal and union representation gave job security, Council housing and rent control meant everyone was housed, Equality was becoming a reality. With free education, social mobility truly happened, We had 2 Prime ministers from grammar school education, Anyone from anywhere could become anything, At last society was moving forwards and there was hope. Computers and machinery were designed to … Continue reading What Happened?

I Have A Dream…

That one day Martial Arts will not be thought of as ‘separate’ Martial Arts, that the politics of structures like Karate, Ju Jitsu,  Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Aikido are consigned to history – that Martial Arts will retain it’s diversity without the politics and have just one Governing Body dealing only with club structure, safety and the various types of competition…. That there will be no politics of styles, no Wado, no Shotokan, no Hun Gar, no GKR, no Tomiki, that everyone will be working to be the best they can and eventually transcending the ‘style’ of their teachers with … Continue reading I Have A Dream…