The Secret Of Internal Power

Stella Bow

The Secret Of Internal Power

The Secret Of Internal Power,

Is in the spine and body core,

Learn how to manipulate these,

And you will have great natural power.

There 4 pairs of spine and core skills,

Understand them in the neigong,

Learn them in the qigong,

And then apply them in technique.

Soften and connect,

Open and close,

Stretch and compress,

Twist and release.

One normally follows the other,

But you release after every skill,

A release can be fast or slow,

When you release you always then soften and connect.

There are a multitude of ways to pulse,

Sending energy to the edge,

Into the opponent to disrupt,

Without breaking your own structure.

This is a secret,

But no one will know it,

Until they have put in the time and effort,

To really grasp these words.

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