2024 Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme

No Previous Experience Necessary.This one day a month for 10 months programme will be taught personally by Steve Rowe 9th Dan and his team of assistants, Steve is an internationally renowned Tai Chi teacher, Chairman and founder of Shi Kon Martial Arts International. The programme has been running for 6 years and has qualified over a 100 coaches, it is designed to certificate and give Tai Chi Students the ability to teach Tai Chi and run and administer a club to a basic level standard. Participants will be registered with Shi Kon Martial Arts International Association and the British Council … Continue reading 2024 Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme

The ‘Empty Force’ Of Tai Chi

  ‘Empty force’ sounds nebulous and difficult to understand, but it isn’t. The body is a spring, when the posture is correct and the joints unlocked, when the soft tissue carries no unnecessary tension – the compression and release of a combination of the joints, including the spine, bodycore and soft tissue is a skill that can be trained in a multitude of ways. The first level of skill is to unlock the body and keep it unlocked, start with good posture and then unlock the ankles, knees, hips, back and chest with the mantra ‘soften and connect’ when you … Continue reading The ‘Empty Force’ Of Tai Chi

Martial Chakras

Martial Chakras “Chakras?  What are they all about then?”  Ray was always the sceptic. John answered “the word ‘chakra’ means ‘spinning wheel’, and it refers to the spinning wheels of energy on the microcosmic orbit.” “Microcosmic orbit?” Ray jeered, is that out of Star Trek?  “Is it further than the Milky Way?” “As far as your understanding goes,” said John, “it might as well be…” “Fill me in dude, fill me in…” Ray wasn’t going to let go, “I need to know about ‘chakras’ and the ‘microcosmic orbit’..” Ray changed his finger ‘quote marks’ to the ‘live long and prosper’ … Continue reading Martial Chakras

The Secret Of Internal Power

The Secret Of Internal Power The Secret Of Internal Power, Is in the spine and body core, Learn how to manipulate these, And you will have great natural power. There 4 pairs of spine and core skills, Understand them in the neigong, Learn them in the qigong, And then apply them in technique. Soften and connect, Open and close, Stretch and compress, Twist and release. One normally follows the other, But you release after every skill, A release can be fast or slow, When you release you always then soften and connect. There are a multitude of ways to pulse, … Continue reading The Secret Of Internal Power

Chi – The Users Manual

Chi – The Users Manual “Do you think that chi is real?” “I think it is just oriental mumbo-jumbo, there is nothing there that cannot be explained by science or biomechanics.”  This argument had gone on for months.  Eddie believed in the spiritual life within karate and John was a hardened scientist.  They had argued every time they met Eddie believed that she was spiritual energy and John believed that everything could be scientifically explained.” “Can you not see that life force is magical?  Chi is the special energy that makes us alive, it’s what animates our body.” “That is … Continue reading Chi – The Users Manual

The Speed Of Chi

“Padwork!”  We paired off and collected a set of hook and jab pads. “Warm up with half speed techniques, using only straight jab, cross and hook punches, low front and round kicks.”  The pad holder held the pad full on for the straight jabs, angled for the cross punches, side on for the hooks, full on low for the front kick and angled and down for the low round kicks.  The pad position let the hitter know which strike was required. “Okay, now change distance and angle…”  This meant that the hitter had to constantly adjust distance and angle to … Continue reading The Speed Of Chi

What Is Chi..

The Chinese word chi often spelled qi, or ki in Japanese, gi in Korean and khi in Vietnamese is also close to the yogic notion of prana and is generally vaguely referred to as ‘internal energy’ in a magical kind of way and there are some very strange claims made as to its power. The word chi translates directly as ‘air’, ‘breath’ or ‘gas’, the original calligraphy of 3 lines resembles breath coming from a persons mouth.  The picture representing rice was added with the 3 lines of breath over the top so that it reads as ‘steam coming off … Continue reading What Is Chi..