Why Me?


Why Me?

Why me?

I’m a good person,

I don’t do anything wrong,

So why do I have to suffer?

All the horrible evil people in the world,

And this has to happen to me,

That can’t be right,

Is there no justice?

Do you think there is a God sitting in judgment of you?

That people that do good get a ‘nice’ time?

A God making sure that evil people suffer?

Look around you….

There is the law of the universe,

That is true,

Then there is a current law of society,

That is attempted by humans.

It is cultural, founded in religion,

Devised by politicians,

Intended to make people live in peace,

It often fails.

Human law won’t stop you getting cancer,

It won’t prevent sickness or accidents,

It won’t stop wars, floods or earthquakes,

It’s designed to help people live in peace.

Even that doesn’t work all the time,

It’s not usually there when crime happens,

It only tries to clean up afterwards,

So justice has limited effect.

It is a cultural way of thinking,

That we ‘deserve’ a good or bad time,

It is false and wrong,

And will create a victim mentality.

There is cause and effect,

We can work with that,

But what happens, happens,

And we have to deal with that.

If we develop warriors mind,

Good and bad are the same,

We work with what we get,

And always make the best.

We don’t look at others,

With envy, greed or jealousy,

They have their own problems,

No one gets away free.

If they did, what’s the point of being alive?

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