Learning Friendship..


Learning Friendship..

If you want good friends,

You have to learn how to be a good friend,

It’s a two way street,

And good friendship is life’s treasure.

Martial arts training brings people together,

People of a like mind,

Wanting to improve themselves,

Together you bleed, laugh and cry.

Over the years, some will go wrong,

But you cannot let one person,

Make you into a twat like them,

Remain true and others will take their place.

Make acquaintances easily but not friends,

Earning respect takes time,

The better person you become,

The better friends you will have.

Friendship takes effort,

It can never be one sided,

But good bonded friends,

Can take on the world.

If you have no friends,

It’s not the fault of others,

And if you think everyone else is an idiot,

It’s probably you.

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