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Steve Rowe Poetry

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These poems are my martial arts soul, each one is the result of a meditation.

The Silence And Stillness Behind It All
Finding Myself….
Breathing With Your Body
The Tao Through Yin & Yang
Neigong Balance
Seeing Your Soul
Old Man Martial Arts
I Alone Am Still….
The Sky Weeps To The Earth
Tai Chi Is About Depth
The Yin Yang Transitions
The True Perspective
Lose Yourself
Nature’s Way
They’re Not Your Friends….

The Present Is A Present
Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire
Old Man On A Bench
Like Waves On The Sea
I Can Beat The Buddha In A Fight!
Letting Go…
Inside Out
I See You
Mass Slaughter
A Walk In The Woods
The Eyes Of The Dead
A Golden Cage Is Still A Cage
The Softest Touch
A Different Tao
I’m Only Visiting
Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory
A Door Inside
A Past Life
Losing The Way
Heaven Or Hell
Zombie Or Alive
DoThe Dead Speak?
It’s A Kind Of Magic
Death In Battle..
The Training Bank
Stick A Needle In Your Eye…
A Black Belt…
Internal Or External?
The Stopped Breath…
My Immortal Soul
Inside Out…
Blind Assumptions…
Blood On Wood…

The Yin Factor
Martial Arts Are Defensive
Life’s Not Fair…
The Aliens have Landed!
Magpies and Monkeys
Looking Back Down Our Eyes..
Who Do You Train For?
You Can’t Stop Growing Old…
Armed Or Unarmed?
Bringing Zombies To Life
The Peng Balloon
Kata A Waste Of Time?
Like A Never Ending Circle…
Putting The Egg In The Eggcup
The Deepest Door..
Direct Transmission…
Eating Bitter..
Death Is A Warm Blanket…
Dealing With Fear
Are You A Fattist?
The Happy Button…
The Learning Process
What Happened?
Seeing With Clarity
It’s Yesterday No More
Diversity and Compassion…
The Beast That Lurks Within
You’ll Have To Kill Me…
3 Essentials To Enlightenment
Taking Or Giving?
It’s Not What You Do
Why Me?
Learning Friendship..
The Secret Of Internal Power


Learning Friendship..


Learning Friendship..

If you want good friends,

You have to learn how to be a good friend,

It’s a two way street,

And good friendship is life’s treasure.

Martial arts training brings people together,

People of a like mind,

Wanting to improve themselves,

Together you bleed, laugh and cry.

Over the years, some will go wrong,

But you cannot let one person,

Make you into a twat like them,

Remain true and others will take their place.

Make acquaintances easily but not friends,

Earning respect takes time,

The better person you become,

The better friends you will have.

Friendship takes effort,

It can never be one sided,

But good bonded friends,

Can take on the world.

If you have no friends,

It’s not the fault of others,

And if you think everyone else is an idiot,

It’s probably you.


My Immortal Soul..


Most of us are worried about what will happen to us when we die.
When all we have to do,
Is remember what we were before we were born.
What we are now, have always been,
And will always be.

Where is you immortal soul?
Why can’t you feel it now?
Of course you can, it rests in your stillness.
Stand tall, breathe deep, focus your mind,
When the words stop and the body is still,
‘You’ cease to exist – and there it is.

It has no name, it permeates everything,
Everything within it rises and falls in time,
Hurt any part and you only hurt yourself,
Be kind to any part and you feel the reward.

This whole creation, this whole theatre,
Has but one purpose;
The reason you have 5 senses and a reflective conscious mind,
Is so that the universe, your immortal soul,
Can experience itself…


The Stopped Breath…


Between breathing in and out,
And between out and in,
There is a magic Zen moment,
A moment in which we can access infinity.

We stop our breath to concentrate.
To draw a straight line freehand,
To listen intently,
Before we pee or poo,
And even before we vomit.
A moment of perfect Zen.

When we meditate, these are our magic moments.
Like the pauses between waves rolling in and out.
We learn to extend our Zen from these pauses.
And how to extend and deepen our breathing.

When in combat we can’t match breath to technique.
So breathing has to be natural.
When we collide with the opponent,
Or when we need to focus,
We momentarily stop our breath.
For perfect concentrated Zen.


Internal Or External?

Quanyin head

Internal and external has many translations in the Martial Arts,

You cannot be one or the other,

Because we all have an inside and an outside,

If you are more one than the other, you are unbalanced.

If you’re taught externally,

Your instructor will correct you by how you look on the outside:

If you’re taught internally,

Your instructor will correct you by how you feel inside.

Ideally, you need both.

If you train externally,

You will utilise the power of emotion,

If you train internally,

Your mind will be calm and focused.

If you train externally,

You will use the outer muscles in small combinations,

If you train internally,

You will use the deep muscles and spine,

All connected and moving in harmony.

The deep muscles and spine hold emotion.

They also support the internal organs.

Softening and correcting them,

Will increase health and vitality.

Many martial arts go from more external to internal.

Some from more internal to external.

It’s always good to train both in balance.

Because you can’t have just an inside or outside.

When you move one you always move the other.


A Black Belt…

Chris Rowen 08 005

I used to think everyone could be a black belt.

The ‘way’ was simple;

All they had to do was train every day for 3 – 5 yrs,

Attend 2 or 3 lessons a week,

Pay attention to instruction,

And they would make the grade.

Over the years I realised that was not true.

Many won’t make it as long as they have a hole in their backside.

Some are just scared of the responsibility of being good,

Some are scared of their spouses and family,

Who don’t want a stronger version of them.

Some are just so weak willed they don’t have it in them.

Most people blame the Instructor,

Or family or work commitments,

Or their relationship with other students,

Or that ‘the boss’ (their spouse) won’t let them.

Or nagging injury or illness,

Not realising that overcoming these problems is what makes a black belt.

Some give up when they get a black belt.

Not realising that is also a test.

Black belt means beginner,

It only means that you’ve found the ladder to climb.

‘Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’ describes them well.

A black belt is an investment in a person.

It is only a belt and a piece of paper

Wearing it is another thing.

Many martial artists don’t realise they failed at that point.

Taking responsibility for themselves,

Their own training,

Their own standards,

Their own progress,

Never blaming others for a setback,

Being strong enough to help others,

THAT’s a black belt.


Stick A Needle In Your Eye…


Stick a needle in your eye – that’s suffering.

Unrequited love – that’s suffering.

Watching loved one’s in pain – that’s suffering.

Poverty illness and hunger – that’s suffering.

Growing old and ugly – that’s suffering,

Not getting what you want – that’s suffering.

Getting what you want, that’s suffering…

Hang on – how can that be suffering?

Because the moment you get it, you try to keep it,

That new car as the mileage goes up isn’t new anymore,

Every scratch, bit of dirt and use wears it away.

You don’t have it – you suffer;

You have it – you suffer…

Whether you suffer or not depends on how you look at it,

It depends on your perspective.

If you are attracted to something – you suffer.

If you try to push it away – you suffer;

Attraction and aversion are the same,

Just two sides to the same coin.

How do you live and not suffer?

By changing your perspective.

Fully engage in life, but let it pass.

Nothing stays the same.

Life isn’t fair.

Joy and pain only exist because of the other.

Each will pass in it’s own time.

Live it, love it and let it go.

Give without the need to receive;

Always consider the needs of others,

And you will always be happy.