My Immortal Soul..


Most of us are worried about what will happen to us when we die.
When all we have to do,
Is remember what we were before we were born.
What we are now, have always been,
And will always be.

Where is you immortal soul?
Why can’t you feel it now?
Of course you can, it rests in your stillness.
Stand tall, breathe deep, focus your mind,
When the words stop and the body is still,
‘You’ cease to exist – and there it is.

It has no name, it permeates everything,
Everything within it rises and falls in time,
Hurt any part and you only hurt yourself,
Be kind to any part and you feel the reward.

This whole creation, this whole theatre,
Has but one purpose;
The reason you have 5 senses and a reflective conscious mind,
Is so that the universe, your immortal soul,
Can experience itself…

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