Stick A Needle In Your Eye…


Stick a needle in your eye – that’s suffering.

Unrequited love – that’s suffering.

Watching loved one’s in pain – that’s suffering.

Poverty illness and hunger – that’s suffering.

Growing old and ugly – that’s suffering,

Not getting what you want – that’s suffering.

Getting what you want, that’s suffering…

Hang on – how can that be suffering?

Because the moment you get it, you try to keep it,

That new car as the mileage goes up isn’t new anymore,

Every scratch, bit of dirt and use wears it away.

You don’t have it – you suffer;

You have it – you suffer…

Whether you suffer or not depends on how you look at it,

It depends on your perspective.

If you are attracted to something – you suffer.

If you try to push it away – you suffer;

Attraction and aversion are the same,

Just two sides to the same coin.

How do you live and not suffer?

By changing your perspective.

Fully engage in life, but let it pass.

Nothing stays the same.

Life isn’t fair.

Joy and pain only exist because of the other.

Each will pass in it’s own time.

Live it, love it and let it go.

Give without the need to receive;

Always consider the needs of others,

And you will always be happy.

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