Dealing With Fear


Dealing With Fear

Fear is healthy,

Everyone has it,

It keeps you on your toes,

Unless it gets out of hand.

Then it freezes you,

Or makes you into a monster,

Either way it doesn’t help,

And turns you into a victim.

There is no ‘quick fix’,

No ‘little trick’ to solve it,

It requires Kung Fu,

That is time and effort.

Every day you learn to watch your emotions,

What you do and how you react,

Unnatural fear is a learned response,

That has to be unlearned.

Every time you train,

You train your emotions,

Neigong means ‘inner work’,

And that’s where we start.

When in yin postures,

We train compassion, patience and tolerance,

When in yang,

We train courage, resolve and determination.

The mind has to stay aware and focused,

Sensitive and intense,

Intensity is the guardian,

That makes it sharp without fear.

All training must have these qualities,

Never let the intensity drop,

Never be careless or lazy,

Fear will enter into any gap.

We use the ‘hunters’ mindset,

To sharpen the intensity,

To take away the fear,

And just get the job done.

A martial artist is not angry,

Can always control himself,

Is not the perpetrator or victim,

A martial artist is the peacekeeper.

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