10 Stress Busters


Do you get that niggling ‘worry’ pain in the tummy? It seems that life is getting to you with one thing after another, maybe relationship troubles, annoyed at what people are saying about you, the never ending cascade of bills and never having enough money?

You could be suffering from stress.

You end up feeling angry, worried and picked on – life seems to be working against you and in the end your health begins to suffer.

You feel that everything is getting you down and it doesn’t matter what you do it seems to make matters worse…..

Well cheer up! Here are 10 things you can do to help you to combat that stress…..

  1. Get a health check. You may be under the weather and in need of a little medical treatment.
  2. Check your diet. Make sure that you are eating fresh, good quality food. Too many burgers, fries, processed foods and chocolate bars or harsh diets could mean that you are undernourished.
  3. Learn to relax, breathe deeply from your stomach and learn a simple routine to relax your muscles.
  4. Take control. Examine your life to determine what’s causing your stress and if necessary off load or change what you need to. Make sure that you’re balancing work, social life and family.
  5. Get organised, learn to prioritise your tasks and make them interesting.
  6. Happiness is a decision and a good habit. When you awake each day decide to be happy and remember constantly re-establish the habit throughout the day until it’s natural to you.
  7. Confide in people you trust. Sometimes discussing what is troubling you can be a relief in itself. A trouble shared is a trouble spared.
  8. Learn to meditate. It helps you to relax, learn good breathing and posture. Focus your mind on all the good qualities like patience, tolerance, kindness, compassion, resolve and determination. Tai Chi is or Yoga are good options.
  9. Help others, nothing relieves stress and makes you feel better than helping those more unfortunate than yourself.
  10. Accept that which you can’t change. There are some things in life that are inevitable and we have to learn to go with them and change that which we can.

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