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Nature’s Way



This morning’s neigong:
Don’t look for it…. It cannot be seen;
Don’t try to find that deep state:
Don’t think, instead just be present.

Feelings don’t require words;
Let them come and go;
Just watch whatever comes;
Thoughts, feelings – nothing stays.

Let go, let go, let go…
Just ‘be’;
Be yin, be yang, be neutral;
Be totally in the present.

Nature’s wordless speech;
Can be experienced in this state;
On this late summer overcast day;
Natures freshness has begun turning in on itself.

Soon enough it will hibernate to heal;
The earth, wind, rain and sun nourish us all;
Each one will have it’s time;
Spring, summer, autumn and winter;
As does a human life.

It’s the ‘Way’ of nature – and a wise person yields to it.


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2 Triples For Happiness

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2 Triples For Happiness

Anicca – Dukka – Anatta

Today wisdom and happiness comes in 2 triples, the first is Anicca, Dukka, and Anatta, the triple gem of existence.

We all know this, but much of our suffering comes from not accepting it. Everything rises and falls without cease, therefore we need to be able to fully engage, to love, enjoy and then at the right time let go. To be able to do this we need to remind ourselves in daily meditation that all things will pass and just knowing this will broaden our perspective enough to give a deep happiness.

Suffering is borne from desire and aversion. When we have an unnatural attraction to have or an aversion to not have, we will suffer. Accepting what cannot be changed and is inevitable is important to be able to get on with life and change that which can be changed to contribute to the world in a positive way.

Not Self
We are not born into this world, we’re born out of it. Our DNA goes back to the big bang, we have always been here in one form or another. Our meditation connects us to the source and we understand that what we think is the ‘self’ is in fact just a wave riding on and fully connected to the ‘sea’ of the source of all things. We are much, much, more than the thinking mind, when that ceases in meditation, all is revealed.

Buddha – Dharma – Sangha

The second triple gem is the 3 essentials of enlightenment.

To Be Awake
To have a mind that is fully aware, focused, sensitive and has the right kind of intensity. Once this mind is developed we are not subject to the mental enemies of apathy and distraction that make many people into living zombies. Others are unable to manipulate us as we can see through the deceptions with clarity and are able to thin k and judge for ourselves.

The Pursuit Of Truth
Truth just is. It is our personal journey, we have to discover for ourselves. Wisdom and truth reside in and arise from the wordless mind in meditation. It’s intrinsic and often cannot be defined. There is a difference between knowing about something and actually knowing and fully realising it. We all know academics that know everything about martial arts but can’t actually do it. A big difference!

The Right Circle Of Friends
A ‘Dojo’ is ‘a place to find the way’ and like a church is not a building but a group of like minded individuals. Part of the pursuit of truth is solitary but the other part needs other people for mutual support and exchange. A ‘Sensei’ is ‘one who has made the journey’ and is able to guide you in following the path. He/she can’t do it for you but can certainly help with a map of how to get there.

So there you have it. Understanding impermanence, suffering and the truth of the self and how to be awake, discover truth and mix with the right people. 2 triples that really can be life changing!


The Happy Button…


The Happy Button…

Happiness is a choice,

So is misery,

Happiness is a habit,

So is misery.

Which do you choose?

Which is your habit?

If you’ve slid into misery,

How do you change it?

Every day you should take the time,

To wake up and practice neigong (inner work),

Check out your condition,

Both mental and physical.

I have a ‘happy button’,

It’s right there in the middle of my chest,

Not where you dirty buggars were thinking!

And I press it first thing in the morning, however I feel.

When I press it I smile,

And remember to be happy,

The choice is that simple,

Happy button – smile!


10 Stress Busters


Do you get that niggling ‘worry’ pain in the tummy? It seems that life is getting to you with one thing after another, maybe relationship troubles, annoyed at what people are saying about you, the never ending cascade of bills and never having enough money?

You could be suffering from stress.

You end up feeling angry, worried and picked on – life seems to be working against you and in the end your health begins to suffer.

You feel that everything is getting you down and it doesn’t matter what you do it seems to make matters worse…..

Well cheer up! Here are 10 things you can do to help you to combat that stress…..

  1. Get a health check. You may be under the weather and in need of a little medical treatment.
  2. Check your diet. Make sure that you are eating fresh, good quality food. Too many burgers, fries, processed foods and chocolate bars or harsh diets could mean that you are undernourished.
  3. Learn to relax, breathe deeply from your stomach and learn a simple routine to relax your muscles.
  4. Take control. Examine your life to determine what’s causing your stress and if necessary off load or change what you need to. Make sure that you’re balancing work, social life and family.
  5. Get organised, learn to prioritise your tasks and make them interesting.
  6. Happiness is a decision and a good habit. When you awake each day decide to be happy and remember constantly re-establish the habit throughout the day until it’s natural to you.
  7. Confide in people you trust. Sometimes discussing what is troubling you can be a relief in itself. A trouble shared is a trouble spared.
  8. Learn to meditate. It helps you to relax, learn good breathing and posture. Focus your mind on all the good qualities like patience, tolerance, kindness, compassion, resolve and determination. Tai Chi is or Yoga are good options.
  9. Help others, nothing relieves stress and makes you feel better than helping those more unfortunate than yourself.
  10. Accept that which you can’t change. There are some things in life that are inevitable and we have to learn to go with them and change that which we can.