The Key To Success

Society trains you to fail. That’s how the rich get get richer and the poor get poorer. If you don’t train your mind, body and emotions together, you will fail. If you don’t understand that permanent change takes resolve, effort and time, you will fail. Every day my FB feed is full of 7 day wonders and people thinking that all the ‘miracle’ training methods, diets, and buzz word systems will change their life with a miracle in a short period of time and then they can go back to their shit lifestyle and all will be good. The ‘miracle’ … Continue reading The Key To Success

Nature’s Way

  This morning’s neigong: Don’t look for it…. It cannot be seen; Don’t try to find that deep state: Don’t think, instead just be present. Feelings don’t require words; Let them come and go; Just watch whatever comes; Thoughts, feelings – nothing stays. Let go, let go, let go… Just ‘be’; Be yin, be yang, be neutral; Be totally in the present. Nature’s wordless speech; Can be experienced in this state; On this late summer overcast day; Natures freshness has begun turning in on itself. Soon enough it will hibernate to heal; The earth, wind, rain and sun nourish us … Continue reading Nature’s Way

2 Triples For Happiness

2 Triples For Happiness Anicca – Dukka – Anatta Today wisdom and happiness comes in 2 triples, the first is Anicca, Dukka, and Anatta, the triple gem of existence. Impermanence We all know this, but much of our suffering comes from not accepting it. Everything rises and falls without cease, therefore we need to be able to fully engage, to love, enjoy and then at the right time let go. To be able to do this we need to remind ourselves in daily meditation that all things will pass and just knowing this will broaden our perspective enough to give … Continue reading 2 Triples For Happiness

The Happy Button…

The Happy Button… Happiness is a choice, So is misery, Happiness is a habit, So is misery. Which do you choose? Which is your habit? If you’ve slid into misery, How do you change it? Every day you should take the time, To wake up and practice neigong (inner work), Check out your condition, Both mental and physical. I have a ‘happy button’, It’s right there in the middle of my chest, Not where you dirty buggars were thinking! And I press it first thing in the morning, however I feel. When I press it I smile, And remember to … Continue reading The Happy Button…

10 Stress Busters

Do you get that niggling ‘worry’ pain in the tummy? It seems that life is getting to you with one thing after another, maybe relationship troubles, annoyed at what people are saying about you, the never ending cascade of bills and never having enough money? You could be suffering from stress. You end up feeling angry, worried and picked on – life seems to be working against you and in the end your health begins to suffer. You feel that everything is getting you down and it doesn’t matter what you do it seems to make matters worse….. Well cheer … Continue reading 10 Stress Busters