Continuous Neigong…

steve hood

Neigong cannot just be trained for an hour a day, because for the other 23 hours you could be doing ‘anti neigong’ – and which would prevail?

As you learn the skills, you need to practice ALL the time.  You are always doing posture and breathing and your life can only be enhanced by more mental awareness, concentration and sensitivity.  This is then an excellent exercise in ‘mindfulness’ to constantly and dispassionately recreate a mindful state of being in everyday action.

This practice will instantly and in the long term effect your mental and physical wellbeing, affecting your emotional intelligence, your ability to interact with other people in a more  aware, balanced and sensitive manner, improving your relationships, your team work and career.

Developing these abilities will affect your self defence in the broadest possible way, treating people in a way that is not so likely to cause offence and being more aware to their reactions to your speech and activities, when unavoidable physical action is called for, it will be more appropriate and sensitive to the situation.

Find your quiet time to enhance the skills in the 5 standing postures – remembering to train the linked emotions, continue through the qigong and then into form and technique.

Remember to continuously soften down the bodycore to connect and loosen up through the joints, suspend the posture, spiral the soft tissue, creating the 5 bows in arms legs and spine.  Remember in everyday life all of this is subtle enough that to anyone looking you will simply look drawn to your full height, aware and confident.

Whatever Martial Art you practice, if you don’t practice and then ‘live’ these skills you will never have the connection, balance, fluidity, ease of movement, connected power and character of a Martial Artist.

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