It’s A Kind of Magic


A Magi is a wise person,

Magic is knowing how something works.

Magic fools the ignorant,

Because it’s ‘special power’ they don’t understand,

But to the wise it’s normal science.

Does this make magic less?

Should we not be in awe of the ‘ordinary’?

Is not every day astounding?

The sun rising and setting,

The fact that we exist?

Earth, water, air and fire are all magical;

Every breath we take should inspire us with awe.

We know how it works,

We know the ‘trick’;

We become wise to what’s happening;

But we should not become complacent.

Science should not make something less,

It should make it more.

When you break something down,

You can keep going infinitely.

When you build something up,

You can keep going infinitely.

Magical lore says ‘as above, so below’.

It truly is awesome and a kind of magic.

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