Zombie Or Alive?


It was a slow death….

That’s impossible.

One second you’re alive, the next you’re dead.

Alive/dead; it’s as simple as that.

You might be ill or in pain for a while;

But death is instantaneous.

Awake, asleep, you don’t notice.

You only know you fell asleep when you awake.

Anaesthetist puts the canula in your arm;

“Goodnight” and you’re gone.

You only know you were gone when you’re in recovery.

So dying is not a problem, one second you’re alive and next you’re not.

In meditation or everyday live you are aware and focused,

And then the mind has wandered.

You had a ‘mini death’;

Some people are never aware and focused;

They are zombies.

The better you meditate,

The more mindful you become;

The more you are alive.

Aware and focused or zombie?

Your choice.

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