Is The Purpose Of Life To Be Happy?

Is the purpose if life to be happy?

It seems to me that the ‘successful’ people thrusting their ‘happiness’ in our face on every social media media platform every day are actually the opposite, behind their masks (and I know plenty of them) they are deeply troubled and flawed people.

They are using that facade to sell ‘happiness on a stick’ to other deeply troubled and flawed people. They think that attention, fame and wealth will create the contentment they seek and their customers are forever chasing the tail of happiness that is just disappearing around the corner in front of them.

A scientific study revealed that love, sex and money do not bring happiness, they just feed the drug of a never ending, burning desire. It revealed that happiness only comes from having a deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

So next time you have your desire tickled by a Lycra clad camel toe or walking 6 pack speaking from their expensive car, ask yourself if you’re being played. What’s the bottom line? What are you being sold? What’s the end result? Turn off the blue screen, sit still, calm the desires of mind body and emotions and ask your deeper self what is really true?

I’m not going to tell you because I’m not selling anything, my meaning and purpose is to get you to find yours.

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