Tribal Chief To Beggar

Tribal Chief To Beggar…

I used to be the leader of the tribe.
I was the protector, the strongest,
And everyone followed my example.
I wore my scars with pride and my powerful spirit carried my body with ease.
I was intolerant of the weak, convinced that everyone could and should exceed their personal barriers.
If I could, they should.

Time bought me to my knees.
I realised that some battles can’t be won,
As my body deteriorated bit by bit,
Accidents, sickness, wear and tear and cellular breakdown took their toll.
Until I could no longer lead,
My spirit became a prisoner in my body,
I needed other people to care for me,
A bitter pill to swallow.

And many members of the tribe were born this way,
Without the benefit of natural health and strength.

I used to say that everyone could be a winner,
That bad times would pass,
That tomorrow would be better,
I was wrong.

There came a day that I was just waiting for god,
Living by the grace of others,
Unable to travel or be by myself,
Reduced to begging,
Having no control over anything,
Humbled by life.

I realised how many Chiefs, Leaders and Healers led the tribe to be followers of their lies and hubris.
To look down on those weaker than themselves,
To buy into their spells, magic, leadership and religion.

Humans could have been the bringers of peace, compassion and harmony to the earth.
Instead they became a virus, destroying their host and each other.

Shame that it took me a lifetime to see it.

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