Have Patience….

Social media is full of ‘up and ‘at ‘em’ ‘get off your ass’, ‘take action’ type statements, memes, reels and FB live vids, usually by young, healthy, trying to sell something, would be ’influencers’, but I’d like to add a counterpoint.

Patience really is a virtue and timing is everything. Often you have to wait to heal and for the circumstances to be right. Instead of pushing forward (often to failure or to suit others) sit back and look for opportunities instead of rushing past them.

Less can be more. Instead of blasting forwards, nudge the opportunity and allow it to take it’s natural course.

When you’re not sure what action to take, don’t take any. Often a situation resolves itself without a response from you or the ‘what action to take’ becomes obvious as the situation progresses.

When you do this you have a better chance of success and will be more in harmony with others and the situation.

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