Neurodivergence And Martial Arts

In hindsight I realise that I’m neurodivergent. To anyone that knows me or learns from it’s probably quite obvious. I’m not on any recognised ‘spectrum’ but as a child I didn’t get on with my family, couldn’t get on at school, couldn’t learn in the way I was taught, failed all my exams was always unhappy and was generally thought of as ‘stupid’.

I hate crowds, bright lights and loud noise. I feel sick in cars, with flashing lights and with a lot of different smells and foods. I’m highly empathic and sensitive.

It was only when I encountered martial arts and Asian philosophy that I came ‘alive’. Their opposite way of thinking and right brained way of learning really helped me and I was able to become more aware, focused and self educate in my 20’s.

When I took a MENSA test I came in the top 1% in terms of intelligence. I think in an entirely different way to others. I don’t see anything in a ‘normal’ way and think conceptually, principally, wordlessly and can hold a lot of knowledge in my head at once and naturally put it into simple ideas synergistically without trying. In technique I notice every millimetre of movement in myself and others physically, mentally and emotionally with a very high intensity. This is why my teaching methods are so different to others.

Martial Arts and Buddhism literally saved my life and have allowed me to express my very individual way of thinking and being in a way that others can relate to. Without them I probably would lived and died being thought of as stupid and with unrecognised talent.

The reason for this post is to help people that don’t fit in and feel unhappy and ‘different’ to explore other ways of learning and relating to the world. Neurodivergence and neurodiversity help people to understand that everyone is different, some more so than others and all can be accepted and find differing ways to relate to themselves, others and the world around them.

I found meaning and purpose in my life, my place in humanity, in the world around me and now contribute to both community and environment and help many others to do the same.

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