Paper Tgers

I’m constantly unsubscribing to martial art pages, people and groups that ridicule others. Often someone will post a video of karate ‘bunkai’ application to a kata from up to 40 years ago and then ridicule it.

  1. I was practising Karate (that’s me in the photo with Takimazawa Sensei) and working security in the 70’s and knew that the kata had to be studied and what was demonstrated was not practical and only a demonstration for shows.
  2. Pairs work was to drill practical skills safely and was not exactly how it would be applied in the street.
  3. We practised the ‘art’ of Karate and it was not meant to be directly translated to self defence, but certainly gave an advantage.
  4. In a direct confrontation, strategy, emotional intelligence, venom, power and simplicity over rule all else.

In those days there was no internet, no video, very few books, few practitioners and little information available and to be honest many people who ridicule others these days wouldn’t do well themselves if confronted by unadulterated violence.

Enjoy your art and all its benefits, understand the truth of what it is and don’t pay attention to the urine extractors.

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