The Eyes Have It

Where your intention (yi) goes your energy (chi) follows.

In Tai Chi we use an ‘eye’ form, whilst practising a hand form we look at certain parts of our own body (usually a hand or hands) with the intention of sending our chi energy there.

This has the effect of moving our chi and sending it to where we need it. It helps us to learn how to raise our energy, colour it with the right intention, focus and discharge it.

Vision can be focused and unfocused, activating and utilising both sides of the brain and using peripheral vision to initiate the right brain for being able ‘perceive’ rather than ‘look’ and naturally and spontaneously react to situations and an opponent’s actions.

It also helps the practitioner to remain in the present, being mindful and not slip into torpor, forgetting where they are in the form.

A useful skill indeed.

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